Morrowind of Elder Scrolls Online: Warden Developer Q & A

Drawing power from Tamriel’s wilds, The Elder Scrolls Online’s first new class, the Warden, is coming on June 6. Curious as to how this versatile, ally-focused class was developed for ESO: Morrowind? Check out this Q&A with some of the people behind the Warden.

We spoke with Lead Combat Designer Eric Wrobel, Senior Animator Silvia Littlefield, and Lead VFX Artist Cambria Blaize to get some insight regarding the Warden’s design and creation process.

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The Warden has a nature-based theme, making them unique in comparison to The Elder Scrolls Online’s original four classes. How did you come to the decision to give this theme to the game’s first new class?

Wrobel: It is important for us that players are able to express themselves in lots of different ways, and you can see this design principal with the flexibility that each of the current classes have.

When trying to create this new class, we analyzed the core components of our game to find out what was missing. From there, we brainstormed an entire ability suite for different classes and themes, refined the best ideas, and then picked a winner — the Warden and their nature-based abilities!

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