Path of Exile New Path-The Fall of Oriath is Coming

Path of Exile is going to release its new patch soon, it is called the biggest expansion. Developers Grinding Gear Games have announced that the new expansion titled Fall of Oriath will come in June or later and will be added plenty of new contents.

The new expansion will be added mind boggling contents to the Path of Exile series. There will be six additional acts, a rather divine way to customize your characters even more, new items, locations, skills, bosses, and GODS! This update is definitely worth checking out for any Path of Exile fans.

In the previous Path of Exile, players have to replay the game three times on increasing difficulty of accessing the atlas of world contents. The developers find most players don’t want to play the same content again. According to the requirement of players, the new expansion fixes this issue with more contents. They put the previous game contents together and allowing players to play the new and old together to experience the fresh variety of contents for a long time.

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