Always amusing to watch non tech people shrink down the tech part down to the smallest possible…
Mathieu Dumoulin

By far not underestimating any Tech needs. To your points:

  1. We wont know until we try, but it’s also not a “must” you can just use the superior product and just on-board the community using an exchange rate
  2. No new issuance. That will have to come out of the foundation or the existing hodlers(which would be MUCH more complicated). Most PoW coins I know have a foundation.

I agree that people care about the small differences, but people are also tribal. It worked with the Euro, and that was a much more complicated operation. It can work here.

Lastly, never proposed taking a “fat M&A fee” or any type of lambos. This is hypothetical article that floating a crypto to crypto M&A idea and thinking through a framework. I might not be a developer but I understand M&A, and I think that there is a real benefit of merging coins and communities instead of continuing to split / fork coins (ala Bitcoin Cash). We need consolidation.