Mnoer (MNR)
Dec 13, 2019 · 1 min read
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Have you heard about Mnoer before?

Mnoer or MNR is more than just a cryptocurrency. It was found to solve the problem of alternative energy. Mnoer’s mission is to take advantage of transparency and consistency in blockchain technology and to start a solar power company to provide the energy requirements for people around the world. Our idea is now on Blockchain and ready for investors!
Our MNR currency project will be ready to save energy and get paid in return. Profits will be shared by the owners. That is, each portion of the profits will be shared among MNR holders monthly.
You can invest in Mnoer in several different ways. You can contact us and buy MNR directly from us. Or you can buy it through, or any other cryptocurrency exchange!

Mnoer Social media links:

Exchanges that supports Mnoer:

Buy MNR from forkdelta!/trade/0xe4e2daf5f7f0c1c35df922c5d9340913edecc8e8-ETH

Buy MNR from Uniswap

Mnoer Whitepaper

Get full details at that’s M-N-O-E-R dot com

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