Testing Your Idea Out With Us

Sometimes the best testing grounds are right under your nose.

Biggest turnout at Coffee & Jam in the history of ever! (#162)

We’ve met with hundreds of people about their budding business idea. Through our Start-Up Activation Programme, you get 1–on-1 support to take your idea to the next level. FOR FREE! Many of these people have physical products to share with people but no real engaged audience of testers who can help give them feedback.

An engaged audience if we’ve ever seen one. (C&J #162)

We’ve invited people with new recipes for jams and spreads to bring along to trial at breaks during Coffee & Jam. Or surveys to be handed out. We’ve had people test their camera and video gear at presentations. We’ve trialled an online survey system called Emojot. Coffee & Jam is the place to give it a go!

Can you hear her saying, “Have you thought about…”?

We also run a coworking space called Awesome HQ that is full with people who don’t mind sampling drinking chocolate, cake, or lunch delivery services. We are of the belief that your idea needs light. We want to help you water the seeds of your budding business and put it in the hands of users. Why not, if it’s already there for you to try?

Will Stewart from Verboom brought his button maker to test out.

We’ve spent time drumming up ideas about who the target customer is and where they are so they can help. Then the lightbulb hit! Look at how many people show up to Coffee & Jam each week. We had a record 100+ people last week! And the variety of individuals (young, less young, entrepreneurs, students, mentors, investors, athletes, families, everyone under the sun) is amazing! Our community organically became a group of people who are already willing and able to give feedback to people who pitch. So why not expand on that?

Here’s what you need to know about using Ministry of Awesome for testing your product/service:

  1. Tell us. That gives us the heads up to tell people you’re coming with something awesome and allow them to opt-in to your experience. We can also coach you on how it will all go down.
  2. Prep! Prep! Prep! This will set you up for success if you know what you want out of an experiment. Do you have questions prepared to ask the audience? Do you want them to buy something on the spot? Will they be able to sign up for more info?
  3. Know how the experience will go. How will you capture their feedback? How long will it take? How many people are you prepared to share your product/service with?
  4. Don’t be afraid if it’s not perfect. The point is to get something into the hands of someone and out of your own office/head/kitchen. You won’t know unless you try.
  5. With that said, be prepared for feedback. Don’t take it personal if someone doesn’t like what you are doing. They may not be your target audience. Be kind, thank them, and ask some follow up questions to get a sense of what they’re real challenge is.
  6. Follow up. If you’ve done your job of capturing their info, follow up to say thank you. Offer a discount and make it easy for them to share your product/service with others.
Lucy Bennetto from Bennetto Chocolate brought drinking chocolate samples to AwesomeHQ

If you want to talk about bringing your concept to life and putting in the hands of customers, please reach out to activate@ministryofawesome.com for more details. We’d love to help!

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Written by Catarina Gutierrez. Photos by Erica Austin.

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