Does it Matter if Rappers Don’t Write Their Own Lyrics?
Paul Cantor

I actually like/tolerate(?) Kanye but no, there is no pass for ghosting. There’s too many talented rappers both underground AND enough mainstream who does write their own material to find this excusable. Kanye is in the same space as the aforementioned Dr Dre in which his rapping is tolerable as long as music production lives up to his brand’s reputation.

K.Dot & J Cole on the mainstream side has done their thing while writing their own bars, while Oddisee & Black Milk has been making stellar music AND their own raps for a good past few years to lay claim as best rapper/producer nod ever since ‘Ye started auto-swooning. Truth is Kanye was never a lyrical juggernaut & never be on the same level of a KRS, Kane, Nas or among others — even his big bro Jay (even if Jay may have relied on ghost writers now & then after he was established & coasting as of now).