Are you ready for a BIG Announcement?

MoCo has partnered with Hunan Zhongshi Jiayi Culture Communications Co. Ltd. to develop and launch a China-based version of our MoMoCo Live Streaming Chat platform, as well as a China-based version of our MoCoPay payment system!

This is huge for MoCo! We plan to launch this China-based platform in tandem with the International version of the MoCo platform during 2020!

Through this partnership, we have secured solid and GIANT content that will allow us to launch the platform with a huge amount of talent that will never let the platform users become bored…


2、メールアドレス、パスワード(パスワード8文字以上の大小英字、数字、記号)を入力し、利用規約、I am not a robotにチェックを入れ、Submitをクリック。

1, CoinbaseのアプリをApp Storeからインストールします。

2, アプリを起動して Create a new Walletを選択します。

1. How to add your wallet to dashboard

1, Click the "ADD" on the main screen of the dashboard.

Check the following link to see how to register for a new MoCo dashboard account.

2, Enter your Ethereum address and click "Add Wallet".

Go to the profile of VR Motion Communications

目次: 1) KYC 登録, 2) トークン購入, 3) 紹介プログラム利用方法

1) KYC 登録

1, ダッシュボードメイン画面上の「KYCの提出」をクリック。

On this page: 1) KYC registration, 2) Buying tokens, 3) Use referral program

1) KYC registration

1, Click "Submit KYC" on the dashboard top page.

2, Click "Click here to complete your KYC".

Go to the profile of VR Motion Communications

VR Motion Communications

Jun 12

Let’s Begin…

  1. In the URL bar, Type (newest)

**BE CAREFUL OF FAKES/SCAMMERS!*** make sure the URL is our official domain (

1. Enter in browser.

  • (*) For a limited time, get a 20% token bonus by registering via the “BUY TOKEN NOW” button on moco official website)
  • Also, refer your friends and get ANOTHER 10% token bonus! or click on “Buy Token” button on main landing page:

VR Motion Communications

MoCo will enable seamless communication in HD, 4K, 360°, 3D VR across distant geographic locations, and large-scale, live event broadcasting in HD, 4K, 360°, VR

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