MoCo Token Sale Registration-

How to register to buy MoCo Tokens during our pre-sale period:

1). Go to: and follow the Instructions and fill out the registration form (see step by step guide below).

2) IMPORTANT: Without fail, please make sure that you are visiting (the base address should like the address in the image below, and also have a lock next to it), even a single character difference could mean that a hacker or some other bad element is trying to hijack your registration, and personal and financial information as well. If you are unsure about the address in your browser, please contact us here for help:

registration page 1 of 5 (Type in your name, email, phone, and date of birth)
registration page 2 of 5 (Type in your home or registered address)
registration page 3 of 5 (Type in “Tres” for Name of Referrer)
registration page 4 of 5 (upload a clear photo of your face, then an official/government-issued Drivers License ID. See example of acceptable photos below)
(Lay passport/Drivers license ID flat on a table like this and take a photo of it using your (smart phone) and then upload it)
registration page 5 of 5 (copy and paste YOUR Ethereum address to register it with MoCo to complete your registration)
Now the registration form is complete! -BUT- READ BELOW BEFORE CLOSING THE WINDOW! If the window is unintentionally closed at this time, you will have to re-register to get to the ETH address screen again.

3) On the above “Thank You” page, after completing your registration, the MoCo Project ETH address will appear. This is the ERC20 ETH address that you will send your ETH to in order to buy your MoCo Tokens.

Copy and then paste the MoCo ERC20 address into your own ERC20 wallet (which you registered above) and use it to deposit the amount you want to contribute to the MoCo Project ETH address.

4) At the moment, the minimum threshold for participating in the current pre-sale, is U.S. $10,000. The price for one MoCo Token is U.S. $0.018 cents with relevant bonus (depending on current pre-sale period)

*** IMPORTANT: only send ETH to the above address. Do not send Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to this address.

**** If you have any questions or want help registering yourself or other contributors, contact us any time: or


5) When you buy tokens yourself or introduce other contributors as a referral agent, please send the following information by email to to confirm your order, or to make sure you get referral credit if applicable:

  1. The name of Registrant/Buyer (name used on form in step 1)
  2. The Name of Referrer (if any)
  3. Amount of ETH sent
  4. ○.○ ETH ($○○ dollar amount) (minimum US$10,000)
  5. TxHash: