20-year-old Democrat elected in Missouri

College Democrat wins race for local office

On April 7, Brennan Canuteson, a 20-year-old Democrat, was elected to local office in Liberty, Missouri, with 72.5% of the vote. Canuteson will now hold public office as a member of Liberty Road District, an office that allocates county funding to city road projects, as one of Missouri’s youngest elected officials.

Canuteson and the campaign treasurer, Natalie Canuteson, both attend William Jewell College located in Liberty, MO. Brennan is a junior business administration major and economics minor.

Canuteson studied abroad last fall in Dublin, Ireland, while working for a real estate investment management group. She attends William Jewell College, where she is a business administration major and economics minor. She is currently leading a collaborative effort, called Joule Cubed, between a senior level marketing course and a managerial economics class. She is also Vice President of Recruitment of Alpha Gamma Delta and President of WJC’s Student Senate.

Canuteson is Vice President of WJC’s College Democrats organizations.. Campaign Treasuer Natalie, is a sophomore Mathematics major and current President of Jewell’s Democrat organization.

Brennan was sworn into office Friday April 10th.

For more information or to be connected with Canuteson, please contact ccavarretta@missouridems.org.

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