All, Every and Nothing

Moyosore Laditan

Anxious comes from the Latin word angere which means to choke.

To choke what? The peace out of day to day living. The joy and enjoyment out of life? Experiences? The very air we breathe?

Wow. To squeeze… to have difficulty breathing.

Anxious can also mean impatient.

God is saying to me and you… You don’t have to live anxiously. From pillar to post.

From one moment of having it all figured out to the next.

You can live another way.

You can breathe. Relax. Lean on me patiently.

You can rest. Enjoy. Not fear or worry.

Tell me about it. About what is bothering you.

Give it me and be patient while I sort it out.

Learn to rest in me and trust me.

Oh! The joys and rest and peace I have to offer.

I have abundant life and it is yours.

Be of good cheer and rejoice in EVERY circumstance in life. In ALL seasons of life.

Wrap Joy around your heart. No matter what. Don’t despair. Trust in me. Hope in me. Let me love you. Let my love transform you.

You can sleep through the storm like me.

It doesn’t have to bother you.

You don’t even have to tell it to be quiet.

You can ride the waves and tides.

And soar through the thunder and lightening.

I have come that you may have life and have it to the abundant.

No more living life letting everything choke you. Now, you can breathe. You can rest. You can sleep. You can eat. And laugh. And live life to the fullest, regardless of the presence or absence of storms.

Just wait and trust and obey.

You will teach nations to rest.

You will embody my peace that surpasses human understanding.

I love you forever.

You are my creation and I am pleased with you just as you are❤️

Moyosore Laditan

Written by

I read to learn the world and write to learn myself

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