This is my first attempt to write in what seems like a decade. So, let me start by saying I am not a published or professional writer. This platform for me really is about transcribing my thoughts onto paper, using it to store my memoirs.

I want to be expressive so I do not want to stick to particular subject, or attempt to market myself, blah blah blah… this will be raw, unabridged content that stems from my opinions, and my perspective.

Okay, now that we have that taken care of lets move right along with today’s topic.

Why do people fail?

Most people assume that failure is the end of the road, the end all be all, when in fact it’s the greatest discovery to man kind! I remember as child I was bright eager to learn anything and everything with the innate ability to keep moving forward no matter what. It was a mysterious, however albeit natural feeling that anything I attempted to do I succeeded.

No, no I wasn’t talented by any means, and I didn’t have any special training. No, I had the ability to not give a flying squirrels ass if I failed! What a concept huh? Failure to me was part of the process. It was an education given to me by life. Then, somehow along the way I grew up and realsm began to take over my mindset and failure became a wall I couldn’t climb over.

No longer was it part of the process, but an end. That’s just sad! Here is the reality of it all, we all had this ability as children and most of us lost it. I’m not special here, this isn’t some woohoo majuca juca foo foo nonsense. ITS REAL!! Somewhere along the way most of us lost this awesome unbelievable ability to move past failure and reach success!

So what happened? Why is it when we “grow up” we lose sight of what failure truly represents? You know I bet you a nickel that as children while still in development we didn’t even think we failed. Ha-ha! Think about that I mean seriously, imagine learning to ride a bike for a moment okay.

Close your eyes picture a 10 yr old you on a brand new huffy bike all shiny and new. Okay you with me? Alright, your dad or mom are standing behind you getting ready to push… you’re scared, you tell them “please don’t let go!” Then what happens?

You’re peddling and peddling without realizing your parent has already let go of the bike and thus you are on your own! 9 times out of 10 what happens in this scenario? You ride on your own successfully right? What if you fall what happens? You make scrape your knee, you may cry and whimper, you may even curse the bike to hell.

Whatever the case you get back on that bike and you try again. Why? Well because as children we didn’t let fear stop us. The feeling of conquering & mastering how to ride a bike was so much more powerful than the fear of falling again. You see its fear that holds us back from everything in life!

Fear turns failure into FAILURE and not the process of success. It’s fear that destroys our ambitions and visions of a life we could only dream of. We must face our fears and accept reality for what it is so that we can overcome anything.

This isn’t foofoo nonsense people this is REALITY! However, a different reality from what you’re used to. I recommend to you, if you’re reading this to purchase “The 50th Law” by Robert Greene & Curtis Jackson. It will change your outlook and therefore change your life. I hope you enjoyed reading my very first entry as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Thank you for your time..

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