Some MDs Just Don’t Know Enough About Back Pain

My son’s great-grandfather has been battling excruciating lower back and disc complications for years. He was seeing a chiropractor in addition to a medical doctor until his MD recommended he not see a doctor of chiropractic (DC) anymore due to the likelihood that they may further worsen his condition.

He’s been limping around worse since. But he stands by his MD’s suggestion.

Now before getting started, I want to make sure everyone understands that I have no bias or dogma for any kind of health practice. All I give a damn about is if it’s actually working?! Because if it is, then keep it going! But if it’s not…and it’s actually getting worse? Something may need to be added, taken away or just halted completely. Because results matter to me almost more than they matter to my patients.

The majority of spinal, disc, joint and/or muscle pain are most DCs’ bread and butter!

In fact, I currently have a patient with a couple of lacerated lumbar discs. When he first walked into my office, his ability to walk was shit. It looked like he was literally walking on eggshells, his pain was that bad. Yet after reviewing this issue with him and doing my workup, I felt I’d be doing his immobility issue and spine a service and manually adjusted his lower back…in two different segments.

After going over with him some mobility exercises to further increase his spinal, knee and ankle joint integrity, in addition to his adjustments, he now can do the Electric Slide into my office if he wanted to after starting treatment thoes four weeks prior. In fact, he just got back from South Beach for his friend’s bachelor party & he was doing pretty well for his first day back when I saw him. I’m pumped for him and he’s pretty excited that he can live his life without stressing about his physical pain anymore.

Keep in mind, I’m not blind to the fact that most medical professionals (usually the older ones) would be quite irate and/or severely skeptical with my judgement of treatment. But this is where our education and experience differs in that if I want to put out a fire, I don’t want to address the smoke.

Let’s just put the damn fire out. That cool?

I don’t believe any health practitioner is intentionally trying to keep their patients away from their health goals, but it does no service to the patient if ignorance and/or bias is a variable that’s factored in to not allowing another health care provider, who specializes in physical pain, to work together in attaining everyone’s desired result of what the patient seeks.

Just a quick snapshot of what our education looks like compared next to each other.

There are countless MDs (usually younger) that get what we do. Some that may not. Regardless, if you happen to have an MD who doesn’t think too fondly of a DC helping out with your physical pain, you may want to do some homework for them.

I have a number of friends who are MDs and if I were broken, bleeding or dying, they’d be my #1 pick to help a brother out! But when it comes to physical pain, there are a myriad of strings being pulled that aren’t easy pills to swallow when it comes to the anatomy and neuroanatomy of homosapiens.

Luckily for y’all, a lot of this was drilled into us during our schooling and clinic rotations! Even more so for myself with my current gymnastics endeavors. So make sure y’all are aware of your options!

When one has the luxury of controlling it, being proactive is far easier, less stressful & less costly than being reactive.

-Dr. Mo

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