How To Love A Woman

From This Man’s Perspective

This won’t be your first love, your last. Or your only.

I felt blinded by the pussy. Like Discovering uncharted land. I was always ready to land. This confusion of the system.

You may or may not love again.

As long as she’s yours now.

It’s not about letting her stroke your ego.

It’s not about how much money you are willing to spend on her.

It’s not about the flash.

It begins with substance.

Putting your heart in a box.

Your heart in a box,

Displaying it for the world to see.

Got caught in horoscopes, was stargazing.

Looking at her, stars gazing.

Wonder what she’s interested in?

It starts in the early stages.

Recognizing the full worth of her kernel.

Those popping chapters in her life.

Requires loving her totality.

Not placating her.

Rather connecting to her soul.

Reassuring her beauty, not defining it.

Got caught in horoscopes, was stargazing.

Looking at her, stars gazing.

Add merit to her life.

They say love is for life.

Showering her with compliments to the point of madness.

In lieu of causing her to thinking you define her happiness.

She warrants the privilege to give herself that blessing.

Lend an ear of her most burning desires.

Be secure in her loving herself.

Neither of you are perfect.

In no way, shape or form will you be perfect together.

How you see the light.

You let her walk in the room.

She is offering up her heart.

Try not to change her, don’t scrutinize her. Try not to expect more than she can give.

Know to Smile.

Know to Adapt.

Know to Love.

Be secure in you having the capacity to put your heart in a box.

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