Exploring Technology Trends in Healthcare

Apr 22, 2016 · 4 min read

MobCon Digital Health is NEXT WEEK — with it comes speakers and attendees from some of the top local and national healthcare brands collaborating to explore the latest technology trends in healthcare. There’s a lot to look forward to. Here are our top five moments.

Rain Henderson’s keynote

The final keynote of the conference will be provided by the Clinton Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer of the Clinton Health Matters Initiative, Rain Henderson. The Clinton Health Matters Initiative strives to improve the health of Americans as well as to reduce the prevalence of chronic illness everywhere. In her keynote, Rain will discuss how the collaboration between providers and digital health companies will benefit consumers and the effects past public and private sector collaboration.

Why we’re excited

There will be a lot of speakers talking about the power of big data in healthcare, in fact, the Power of Data is one of the five tracks available at this year’s event. But unlike other speakers, Rain won’t be speaking about healthcare data as it relates to business or healthcare. Rather, her talk with bridge both.

“Apple HealthKit vs Google Fit: What Works, What Doesn’t and What’s Next”

The opener for the “Future of Digital Health” track is a strong one with MentorMate’s finest Jay Miller, Chris Black and Kyle Simmons presenting. Together the trio will be explaining the benefits and distinctions of the new healthcare platforms: Google Fit and Apple HealthKit.

Why we’re excited

As a business development leader, solutions architect and senior software engineerKyle Simmons, Chris Black and Jay Miller bring an interesting mix of expertise to the diagnostic talk on two of the latest healthcare wearables from tech giants Apple and Google. Together the three can explain the importance of the two devices from a developer, business and user perspective.

“How Secure Are Digital Health Devices?”

Intel Strategy Group’s Worldwide Technical Strategist, David O’Berry will be featured during the second talk in the “From Mobile to Sensors” track. David’s talk on the cyber security of healthcare devices will highlight the latest principals safeguarding medical technology to ensure the privacy and safety in the digital age.

Why we’re excited

As important as digital health is, keeping personal information private is fundamentally important to health care and ensuring the progression of digital health. Without proper safety steps, healthcare technology could jeopardize people’s health and security which is why David’s presentation is so vital for those hoping to continue in the field. With David’s presentation attendees will learn about the risks developing in medical tech, how to reduce these liabilities for the future of health care and where developers and providers may go if they need to safeguard their technology.

The first-ever Startup Showcase

Designed as an opportunity to provide visibility for entrepreneurs within an audience of directors, vice presidents and C-level healthcare leadership, the Startup Showcase allows new members of the of digital healthcare industry to introduce their companies to future investors and partners.

Why we’re excited

This year’s Startup Showcase will present some top-notch Minnesota startups. There you’ll be able to see representatives from ten featured companies: Sansoro Health, MyBivy, POPS! Diabetes Care, Talencio, Learn to Live, RxFunction, Player’s Health, MeasureMeNow and OperaDDS.

“Wearable Devices for Medical Applications — What Makes These Devices ‘Medical’”

The final presentation in the “From Mobile to Sensors” track presented by Dr. Robert Stone will explore the tension between the potential for medical-grade wearables and the tension with assigning them this designation. As the CEO and founder of Medical Design Solutions, Inc., Dr. Stone’s expertise in the manufacturing of medical equipment has given him a special insight related to creating new technologies in healthcare.

Why we’re excited

Dr. Stone will identify the latest regulations regarding remote medical monitoring in wearables, the increasing atmosphere in in-home personal care and how information from such devices can be used to help providers.

Highlighting technology trends in healthcare

As excited as we are to see these five noteworthy moments in the MobCon lineup, the most exciting part will no doubt be the connections forged between innovators and thought leaders.

MobCon Digital Health brings together some of the top minds in the industry to help create and highlight technology trends in healthcare. See you April 26.

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