Things I want to tell my Father!

I would find my father listening to Ebenezer Obey’s “the Horse, The man and his son” for the umpteenth time. He would complain about how today’s music is void of any content and the ones with content are just a recycle of the old ones.

He would curse St. Janet with burning sulphur and unending ashes.

He grins with all his teeth as he slowly miliki’s to the juju baseline of the song.

In that moment, I want to tell him that that maybe the men in his generation were too afraid to tell women they loved them only for thier protruding behinds and always lactating bosoms. That the men in my generation can tell a woman that all they want is “lap dance, lap dance” in exchange for monetary rewards.

I want to tell him that the women in my generation are not loose but liberal. They can decide to wear and dance like free women and not bend to the stereo-types that made women live with slave masters for husbands. And live life all their lives for everyone but themselves.

I want to tell him that vulgarity has been in all generation some in hushed voices and innuendos than the others.

Things I want to tell my father but he’d reply me with the parable of the old man’s sight and a falling tree or that of the old and possessing more rags than the poorest youth and I’d let him win this time again.

Image is Album art of Ebenezer Obey’s The Horse, The Man and his Son