Some key trends to consider while creating a mobile app

The mobile applications are considered as the invention of the century. In the last couple of years, mobile apps have shown an amazing growth. From the top-notch technologies such as mCommerce, Beacon, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things to highly-proficient gadgets like Apple Watch, Google Glass etc these apps are playing a major role in enhancing the connectivity and communication. 
Thanks to the advent of smartphones and tablets, the Mobile App Development has become so much popular that, at present, there are over 5 million apps in the market. This can certainly lead to the fierce competition in the mobile market, especially in the application marketplace. Every app developer is quite keen to gain knowledge of the latest market trends so that he can come up with an innovative app for the users.

To stay ahead in this game, you need to keep a tab on some development trends. Given below are some upcoming trends which might help you in increasing your app’s success rate.

Application Security

The app security has always been a major concern for the application developers and it’s essential you shouldn’t overlook this fact. In the last few years, there have been several app breaches which lead to the large jeopardization of user’s private data. In fact, there is only handful of the app which passes the basic app security test. A single loophole in your app can risk the entire data present on the mobile device. So make sure you handle the security details of your app in a proper manner.

Augmenting Beacon and Other Location-Based Services

In a very less time, the beacon technology has gained a lot of momentum. This tech has enabled websites and mobile apps to quickly fetch the user’s location and share highly personalised ads and messages to attract and interact with potential customers. Nowadays, not only beacon but various other location-based WiFi services have also become popular among the users and business enterprises. It is expected that it will help drive billion of dollars in retail by 2017.

Making Digital Mobile Payment

While counting the app development trends, you cannot leave behind the digital mobile payments. Samsung Pay, Google Wallet and Apple Pay are already in the market. These techs have changed the way people used to make payments. These services are already popular and will surely become more popular in the coming years. This trend shows the growth of safer and simpler mobile payments and this is certainly expected to continue in the future.

Smart Wearables

There’s no doubt, that Wearable Tech has defined the new dimension to the mobile technology. With the rising popularity of wearables, it is predicted that they will be performing more useful functions rather than just tracking our fitness and health. Apart from that, fashion brands such as Fossil, Gucci and Michael Kors have come up with their own smartwatches and are reaping benefits from this growing trend.

Summing Up

If you wish your app to reach out to millions of users, then it is important that you must keep a track of latest and upcoming app development trends surfacing in the market.