Is your product so awesome it’s in a Country Song?

Everyone thinks their product is ‘the next great awesome’ and in some cases — they are and in some cases they aren’t.

But I’d argue, if your product is making in into a Country Song (or organically into any other genre for that matter), you can say you are delivering big time on being awesome.

It can buy me a Yeti 110, iced down with some Silver Bullets.”

Let’s ignore the ‘Silver Bullets’ as rather ubiquitous way to make a beer reference and focus on the ‘Yeti 110.’

This is a cooler by a company that if you know someone who owns one, you’ve already gotten an earful of how awesome they are.(and as they should be at the premium price of $499.00 (not a typo)).

But this is a clear sign that you are building something awesome.

Buried in the lyrics of ‘Buy Me a Boat’ by Chris Janson that is referencing Warren Buffett and the pile of money he’s sitting on (arguably everyone gets that reference) here is a slight reference to very digitally recognized (you either know it immediately or you don’t) product and when if you ‘know it’ — the lyrics work even better. That’s pretty powerful.


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