How Every Freelancer/Creative Should be Leveraging Mobile To Drive Sales in 2017

In today’s mobile friendly world, It’s easier than ever for freelance professionals to leverage their talents through mobile channels — social media in particular. Whether a consultant, artist, musician, educator or digital nomad, it has never been easier and more accessible to market oneself and gain traction as an individual brand with little to no costs. If someone is looking to go all in on their passion or just cash out on a side hustle, it is absolutely necessary to take advantage of the mobile marketing trends available in 2017. Here are some of the ways we encourage individuals to leverage mobile to drive sales:

Document Through Social Media

Social media platforms provide individuals with a unique way to promote their work, though social can do much more than that. Social channels such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook are a way for personalities to tell their unique story directly to their audience/potential customers. Individuals can share their story with pictures, videos, text, graphics and even live streams. Through social, individuals can slowly grow their audience by producing content that attracts people of similar interest — building a consistent brand image while simultaneously growing a loyal audience. Once an audience becomes large enough, it can be monetized.

An important note in regards to social media content, however, is to document one’s story, rather than creating a narrative. People will frequently go to great lengths to produce a piece of content that “tell their story,” when often times these pieces of content come off overdone or disingenuous. Audiences can usually see right through an artist or freelance professional’s message, and don’t want to feel as if they are being sold through a piece of content. Documenting one’s story and process as a unique individual/brand, however, creates a unique and genuine story in itself. This can be done by simply speaking/writing about the journey of becoming X, Y &Z, rather than claiming to have already made it. One’s authentic life journey is often what an audience can connect with, and is the story that will resonate best with people. Document daily, and the story will tell itself.

Suggested time allocation per day: 1–2 Hours

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Influencer Marketing

When first starting out, it can difficult bringing awareness to one’s brand. Social media influencers can help. Influencers, or individuals with large social media followings, can provide a word-of-mouth effect for one’s brand by telling their large following to check you out. Influencer marketing is an extremely under-valued service to many freelancers in their early stages, having the ability to progress one’s brand at a much more accelerated rate than other marketing practices. It is one of the few ways to reach the attention of one’s specific target audience, and can yield massive results for little cost. Influencer marketing isn’t necessarily easy, however, requiring a good amount of persistence and trial-and-error.

Here’s some keys to influencer marketing:

  • Making sure the influencer’s audience is relative to the one we want is step #1.
  • When reaching out to influencers, be sure to remain transparent. We’re looking take advantage of their hard-earned audience — they know this. It’s best not to act like we’re fooling anyone.
  • It’s essential to provide influencers value upfront when first making the connection. Ideally, we’d be able to bring the influencer equal to or more value than they are providing us. Whether in the form of a payment, merchandise, or free services, try and make it worth their while.
  • Persistence key. We certainly won’t get every influencer to promote our brand. Like many aspects of business, getting the right influencers is a numbers game. Reach out to enough, come off as straight-forward and provide value for the influencer, and we’ll eventually find success in utilizing influencer marketing.

Suggested time allocation per week: 1–2 Hours

B2B Selling

This may not apply to consultants, but an often overlooked strategy for creatives is taking the B2B (Business to Business) sales approach. Business owners and key decision-makers are normal people just like you and I. They have unique taste and often like to express themselves in a unique way, the same way any one else buying a unique piece of art or creative service would. Be sure to remember that in the mind of the business-owner, her/his business is an extension of themselves, of which they look to express a sense of style and originality.

Though selling creative services or products to businesses may pose more difficult than selling to a single consumer, it can now be easier than ever to reach the decision makers of these businesses with mobile channels available at our fingertips. In addition, landed B2B sales will show a much larger return than B2C (Business to Consumer) sales, so go for it! B2B is a quality over quantity sales game.

A great way to reach out to key decision makers is..

Business Development — AKA Sliding in the DMs

One of the most effective and overlooked business development opportunities in 2017 is proper use of Instagram direct messages — That’s right, sliding in the DMs. Whether looking to reach businesses, influencers, or a direct customer, Instagram direct messaging poses as a unique and underutilized mobile marketing tool. With direct messaging, you have access to direct dialogue with people of interest, of which might not have been otherwise available. Direct messaging is much more accessible than finding specific email addresses, and often creates a more casual and open-arms initial relationship between an individual and a potential business prospect. Instagram direct messaging poses as fantastic marketing channel to get any freelancer’s or artists’ foot in the door, even with the most difficult of people to reach.

Suggested time allocation per day: 1 Hour

Whether a creative or freelance professional — whether chasing one’s dream or working on a side hustle — 2017 mobile marketing trends must be utilized. If we put in the necessary time and effort, It can now be easier than ever to grown one’s brand’s, reach people of interest, and drive sales.