Road Map for Season 1: A Good Defi summer

How can we help you reach your goals for Good?

Mobilizing Good was started in January of this year as a way to identify, invest in, and even create with the people, projects, and causes that matter. While I could write a book on “The Good List” of who I believe those to be (and I will) this document will try to focus on the path we see for our own community. We want to enable and support other people’s Good they bring to the space but as creators we have our own unique flair too.

The Good Life — a presale like you’ve never seen before

While planning for my first episodes or mini projects I decided I couldn’t wait to introduce some of the ideas I had to engage with these people I enjoy continually connecting with and getting to know. Some of these are just “ordinary people ‘’ like me who have been through the ringer as defi investors. Some people in my group have incredible projects of their own, but some have shared interests or passions that have nothing to do with crypto. The Good Life is inspired by the fire and passion that lives within us all. We want to manifest how we can all overcome our own obstacles and Mobilize Good, starting by exploring what kind of Good we want to pursue and how we want our best lives to look.

The first 75 have been minted, 25 more will be released within the 50 day mark of the original mint date ( 5/2–6/21)

Here’s the catch: The evolving meta data in the first collection will play into the all star teams, alpha, and much more in future seasons.

Phase 1 or Season 1 — a evolutionary collection for Defi summer (officially starts 6/21) that can hopefully make even the bearish of markets fun

I’ve been studying. Before I got into the rabbit hole of DAOs, Defi and NFTs, I studied infrastructure everyday for months on end to pass my Professional Engineering Exam. When I had a small allusion of “free time” I started studying crypto but specifically I like to study how I can best design infrastructure and stronger communities to help people. I’m still studying.

This is my proposal for episodes on Campfire (other marketplaces/ chains if they can have the same immaculate vibes we’ve come to know and love):

Episode 1: Good Pets (50)

  • Custom NFT artwork of your pet

Episode 2: Good Music (50)

  • Custom NFT artwork and content alluding to music or artists that you enjoy

Episode 3: Good Sport (50)

  • Custom NFT artwork and content alluding to sports brands and teams that you enjoy

Episode 4 Good Collabs (50)

  • Custom NFT artwork and content alluding to other Defi projects you enjoy

Holders for each episode will get to steer the defi and offchain funds and decisions. They can use their mint funds to buy from the market or directly from Mobilizing Good NFT Library. Everyone on my Good list knows who I am by now and is starting to see what I’m capable of. Together we are strong. Mobilizing Good is who we are and what we do.

So this concludes the roadmap to 4x our initial collection and build something unique and fun.

Are you ready to jump in to The Good Life with us?



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