How Engaging Mobile Apps Are Designed?

Since the app driven mobile ecosystem has begun, mobile application developers have built apps for a number of categories. With creating apps for each dedicated category they have gone through several challenges — many of them have been such new which they have not experienced or seen ever before.

The two most popular platforms for which the whole mobile app development industry is creating apps include Android and iOS. Almost all app strategies begin with these two platforms. And the wealthiest categories for which every app developers rushing is gaming category. Creating app for this category is lucrative in all ways.

The way to create engaging apps:

  • Users continue to use and update the app they like. They hardly discard it. I have 8 Ball Pool game for so many years and even after changing many devices and resting each of them many times, I never thought of uninstalling or stop using this game. I have also referred the app to many of mine friends and co-workers. What made me to retain the app for so many years? The app has everything that sustains me to use it year by year. It keeps me engaged. The same kind of engagement is required in other sorts of app.

• In scenario of a business app, productivity and performance are the driving factor. They make it retainable for long time. If mobile app developers add desired productivity to an app, the app is supposed to do well on all targeted platforms.

  • The key traits of an enterprise app include quality, productivity, power and performance. These traits add cutting edge to the end product. Users form long lasting relationship with apps having these traits.
  • The very first thing to attract users is a clear and simple design. But clear and simple design doesn’t mean a boring design. It can be eye catching and intuitive. After this comes the programming part. So program an app the way OS is approached by users. For Example, desktop is approached via keyboard and mouse so the apps for desktop are created to be handled by keyboard and mouse. Mobile OS is approached via touch screen and thus the app should be designed to be handled via touch screen.
  • The integration of social media icon is important. Social sites increase the engagement of users. Mobile devices offer users two times more social engagement than desktop. The more the social engagement, the more your apps will succeed. Nowadays, social sites are helping in promoting mobile applications too.
  • The app should be designed to offer users a sense of personalization. We know that Unlike PCs which are often used by more than one user, mobile devices are generally used by single user.

• Pushing irrelevant ads may distract the attention of users. By showing too many ads user engagement is decreased.

Remember these basic tips while designing an app.