MobiLock Pro adds Bulk Enrollment Feature

MobiLock Pro has now eased the device enrollment mechanism with Bulk Enrollment feature. It is possible now for the customers to enroll 500, 1000, 2000 and even more than that number of devices with MobiLock Pro in single go.

We understand that it is cumbersome to enroll one device at a time and what you need is single-time registration process. In that accordance, we added this feature! With this feature, any number of devices can be enrolled saving time, efforts and minimal chances of human errors in single go, without much help from IT team.

Bulk enrollment makes the deployment extremely easy, fast and error-free. So, no worries even when the number of devices are in tons!

Till date, in order to enroll a device in MobiLock Dashboard, you had to enter the License key or Sign-In credentials and selected the Profile or Group. It is indeed a simple and secure process but it poses a challenge when the number of devices to be enrolled are high, as this process has to be done for each and every device.

The steps followed till date –

  1. Enter credentials or license key
  2. Choose license if signed in using credentials
  3. Enter Device name
  4. Select Group or Profile
  5. Grant Permissions
  6. MLP Landing page

With the feature of Mass Deployment, number of steps for enrolling can be eliminated and high volume of devices can be enrolled at a time, making it less tedious.

MobiLock Pro now provides two approaches, to enroll devices onto the dashboard, with minimal IT specialist’s help.

  1. Pre-Registration of Devices
  2. Configuration files

These approaches can be used in combination with making MLP as a pre-loaded app on devices described here –

Pre-Registration of Devices

This approach is very simple when you (Admin) have an inventory of all the devices with IMEI or serial numbers in CSV format. Only thing that has to be done is to upload this CSV file to the dashboard, specifying the profile or the group (if you wish to as it is optional). This process automates and pre-registers all the devices in the list.

Now for the each end-user it becomes extremely easy as it has to simply download the MLP APK from Playstore and install it on the device. After that the user has to click on Auto-Login which will auto register them, taking directly to the permissions step. Thus it avoids entering the license key, credentials, device name and profile or group profile and automates the process.

Configuration files

This approach is best for clients who are looking forward to have their own branded devices explicitly for their use by integrating with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

The other clients for whom config file approach works best are who customize the Android OS and install it back on their owned devices i.e. custom ROM.

These two types of clients can have pre-installed MLP app and Config file as well on their devices which enables their devices to enroll in one click.

Admin creates the Config file on the dashboard. Config file is copied at a specific location in each device and then device user has to just click Auto-Login and it directly takes to permissions.

Enrolling through Config file eliminates human errors, simplifies and automates the enrollment process making it faster.

Both the approaches offered by MobiLock Pro for Bulk Enrollment are highly customer-centric. We have introduced this feature keeping in mind the ease and flexibility for our existing as well as new customers’ requirements.

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