Mobility in the Transport of Goods

Whether for planes, trains, ships or trucks, Montreal is a continental hub for the transport of goods. For everyone involved in these supply chains, knowledge of the location of shipments at any given moment is of the utmost importance.

Transportation companies have always provided their clients with precise information as to the location of their goods, in addition to estimated delivery times. However, “between the time the driver took the signature and the time it was uploaded, there could be a 24-hour delay”, according to Grant Opperman, President of D.W. Morgan.

“Additionally, it took a lot of phone calls and individual effort to organize all of this information. We had invested in equipment to monitor our trucks, such as GPS, tracking of acceleration and braking, and on-board black boxes.”

The advent of the iPhone changed everything. “For $199, we have all the equipment and communication we need. It’s a revolution.”

Within six weeks, an iPhone application had been developed and D.W. Morgan’s 30 drivers immediately noticed a difference. “Because of our ability to offer the same level of service, precision, and up-to-date information as our largest competitors, we now play in the big leagues, moving more complex inventories for even larger suppliers.”

Information is now available around the clock, in real time. “Now, we know. We know the exact location of each individual item: which container, which driver, and the precise delivery time. Our clients know it, too.”

“… we can offer the same level of quality, precision and dissemination of information as our largest competitors.”


• Instant communication with central dispatch

• Intuitive data entry

• Real-time cargo information

• Real-time terminal information

• Push notifications for modifications to loading/unloading at terminals

• Transmission of geolocational data


We once operated like our competitors, needing anywhere from 20 minutes to half a day to produce proof of delivery. Now, we can do it in real time, thanks to the functionality of the iPhone app.

What’s more, we can do it all with a solution conceived and implemented in a few weeks, while our largest competitors have taken years to implement systems that are ultimately far more complicated.

This technology is revolutionizing the transport industry. Those who choose not to adopt it will simply be left behind.

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Article also published on Mobilogie blog.

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