The iPhone will kill your business

or save it

For several years, businesses have been faced with significant disturbances that often happened too fast for their adaptability.

Before the advent of mobility, companies were able to adapt at a “sustainable” rate.

With the advent of mobility, disruptions are so strong and fast that companies are struggling to respond.

The days when companies could control the message and the consumer are over.

Mobility gives consumers instant and unlimited access to information. This is a new leadership.

Mobility is not only a change in technology…

…it is a change in behaviour.

This is why all companies are vulnerable to new technologies. Your strength today does not guarantee you success.

The giant Intuit was forced to buy Mint for $170M to remain competitive in its industry.

In a few years, Netflix has seriously undermined the monopoly of telecommunication companies and killed the video rental chains.

The big banks are slow or unable to meet the needs of mobile consumers. Square, Single and Paypal are in the process of taking over the future.

Large retail chains do not have the dynamism of e-commerce and mobile purchases.

While the media empires suffocate and find themselves on the verge of bankruptcy, Flipboard has reached a value of one billion dollars in 4 years.

So what will your company do to convert these perturbations into opportunities?

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Article also published on Mobilogie blog.

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