Next Frontier of Mobile App Market

It’s 2016, you have probably heard about bots, it’s the next big thing in technology. Bots word comes from the robot which is the best example of AI (Artificial Intelligence). It makes our lives easier and take over the mobile apps. Nowadays smartphone users are facing app fatigue, because chat bots offer an easier user interface via apps that most users already have and use on their smart phones without having to download a number of apps.
 So, what is a bot exactly? Specifically, a bot is an app that performs automated tasks or operations without interruption of real human, such as setting an alarm, weather forecasting, online searching, and much more. Besides, you might have heard of Siri and Cortana. Both are the lovely personal digital assistants from Apple and Microsoft. They are impressive and suitable examples of bots.

A bunch of development companies is working to build chatbots or software that gives answers to customer queries automatically. We have listed down a number of bots for different verticals:

- Grocery bots, pick out and order groceries for the week
 — Food bots, book restaurant table and order for lunch/dinner
 — Content bots, get relevant content and information like news, weather as well
 — Watcher bots, ask it to push notifications (e.g., flight is delayed, traffic jammed, etc.)
 — Banking and tradingbots, smoothly handle financial services
 — Enterprise or workflow bots, streamline business activities and operations, etc.

A report from Credence Research, the chatbot market was at $88.3 million in
 2015. It said the market would witness “exponential growth” during the forecast period 2016 to 2023.

The Popular messaging apps such as WeChat, Facebook M, Skype, Telegram, Slack and Line and others recently added new features to enable businesses to connect with users. Besides, Haptik (A user can get any kind of service), Jugnoo (Auto Rickshaw Hailing Service) and Lybrate (Online medical consultation service) are the great examples of chatbots.

Now, entrepreneurs have started creating chatbots to engage their customers and employees. Slowly, but surely, mobile applications are being replaced by a new generation of app — chatbots. To understand more about this technology — stay tuned.

Originally published at on August 6, 2016.

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