Polish Your Skills — Big Android BBQ Europe 2016

A two day (15 & 16 August, 2016) glossy programme has kicked off where Android developers can meet with professionals and improve their skills. This conference held in CASA400 Conference Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands. This event is for sharing knowledge to attendees and developers on the Android platform as well as performance of an application, API awareness, app security and much more.
 The event started with registration with fresh coffee and sweets; there are a number of ticket varieties like Bronze Ticket, Silver Ticket, Gold Ticket and Platinum Ticket.

Day #1: The first day, speakers have covered a lot of sessions:

  • How you would use RxJava in large scale of mobile application?
  • Talked about Mockito vs. Jmockit…..
  • What is our main complaint with Android apps? Discussed on how we can improve the performance of an app.
  • How to development apps in the right time with correct structure.
  • Configuration of project with an effective approach in less time.
  • Awareness of API and much more.

Day #2: In the second day, speakers will talk about security, protection and how to build large mobile apps for business, etc.

  • TLS and SSL protection for application security.
  • Speakers will share tips and tricks with attendees in order to avoid problems and waste of time while developing apps for business.
  • An awesome idea of AOP (Aspects Oriented Programming) that helps in magical development of an Android application.
  • How to secure your app via 10 simple steps.
  • Speakers will also cover the clean architecture of an app.

All above points are very crucial for any mobile application. If you are involved in Android platform and want to improve your skills, then you can attend the Big Android BBQ Europe Event. To get more details about this event — let’s connect with Mobiloitte.

Originally published at www.mobiloitte.com on August 16, 2016.

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