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Designing cross-platform mobile strategy with Appcelerator Titanium to build apps for iOS, Android and Windows mobile platforms in lesser turnaround time.

Mobiloitte team uses feature–rich frameworks and advanced technologies of Titanium to deliver top-of-the-line applications, catering multi-platform supportive applications and latest functionalities. We have a team of professional developers who have delivered varieties of projects in the global marketplace.

With integrated Titanium environment, we build prototypes quickly, share and get feedbacks from clients; hence speedy app development.

Leveraging native UI elements of Titanium and app design experience, we obliterate the difference between Native and cross-platform apps on Titanium.

With expertise in using huge library of pre-coded material from Titanium, we implement modules and functions in a very short timeframe.

We have developed awesome apps with Titanium.

Apps that looks native, that have high performance, and that are developed on multi-platforms at lesser cost.

Mobiloitte has developed exquisitely crafted apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows on Titanium. Our Titanium app service has given our clients incalculable benefits and opportunities to make their businesses more influential.

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We are rated 5 out of 5 for Mobile & Web Development by 1024 + clients on over 1700 + projects. Listing words from some of our beloved clients.

Nice group of developers with deep knowledge of Hybrid App development.

Chris | Day2Day App

We worked with Mobiloitte for a half a year to get them develop a social/travel app. The end result is very good and we have very nice user reviews. The app was developed ”hybrid”, that means they worked on 1 development platform to create a Android and an iOS app. Also, we are very satisfied with the design and usability. That’s a point we received the most positive feedbacks from users and beta testers! Thanks to Mobiloitte for your work. Our company even will may decide a future business work together to expand the functionalities of our app.

David Rolli | Hunger Stream App

Native Apps: Designing native like appearance and performance. Our team designs cross-platform apps on Titanium that looks and perform equal to apps written on native.

Mobile APIs: We leverage Titanium pre-defined routines, protocols, and tools to build apps that are functional, aligning app to interact for different processes.

Analytics: bring real-time analytics on mobile apps build through Titanium. Our Titanium developers build apps that lets end-user and app owner get varied and specific data in real-time on mobile devices.

Integrated MVC Framework: With a team of Titanium certified developers we build design prototype quickly, build reusable components, and write clean code for future maintenance.

IDE & SDK: Taking out the potential of platforms’ IDEs and SDKs, we develop apps with rich user experience similar to native, reuse average 80% of code while porting, and provide support for latest features released by the platform./span>

Bug-Proof Testing: We have dedicated testing team with passion to drill test-cases with mobile test automation to eliminate errors, speed-up testing and reduce project cost.

  • Ensures on-time delivery of projects
  • Significance on app performance to match the native standards
  • Team of certified titanium professionals
  • Over seven years of experience delivering Titanium apps
  • Optimum code reuse for delivering performance and lesser turnaround time
  • Experience delivering hundreds of apps on Titanium framework

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