Get to know with Mobilum and receive free tokens

Mar 22, 2018 · 2 min read

Mobilum founders and advisors have recently completed a tour in Asia. We began presenting in Seoul, then continued on to Tokyo and Singapore. Our last stop was Hong Kong for the Token 2049 event — the largest digital asset event in Asia focused on how crypto assets and blockchain-based tokens are reshaping the global economy. This was a great success! Our booth was flooded with attendees inquiring about Mobilum, how it works, and when they are able to utilize the platform. It was abundantly clear that crypto holders and users are eager to enact our cutting-edge technology, which allows for an immediate transaction using any cryptocurrency, anywhere, with any payment card.

Our next stop is Berlin where we are participating in the Cryptocurrency World Expo — more available information here.

Stop by and meet our CTO, Jakub Nalej!

For those who have not yet had a chance to participate in the Mobilum project — NOW is the time to get involved! Those who join our Telegram channel will receive 10 MBM tokens for FREE. Refer a friend and receive 50 MBM tokens! Complete the whitelist form on our webpage and receive 20 MBM tokens, FREE! Whitelist form is on our official website:

The Mobilum Telegram channel will provide you with the latest news regarding our conferences, announcements regarding milestones we’ve hit, additions to the Mobilum team, and up to date information on the platform and it’s usability. More to come…

Follow us on Twitter & Instagram, and ‘like’ us on Facebook for updates and news on the project @Mobilumcom.

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