Did you say road trip?

Yay, You did. Here our 7 days road trip around France — getting to Paris.


We landed in Genoa, Italy. Our road trip starts from there.

First stop will be in Cannes, to recharge the energies and get some really delicious french food on the Promenade — overlooking the sea.

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Few hours later, getting back on the road, We will stop by for overnight stay in Cotignac, at the door of Provence.

Not many people know about this little village in the mountains — probably not even the French people! And you will love it.


It’s time to get deeper inside of Provence. We are going to start with Aix-en-Provence and Le Parc du Luberon.

We already smell the lavander in the air.


We leave the adorably good smell of Provence, its cheese and its little houses to drive to Avignon, where We will stop just for few hours in the afternoon for visiting around — Then our roads will lead us to Lyon in a really long long way.

Avignon is a real astonishing town, totally lost in its past centuries and in the old Medieval ages. It was transformed during the 14th century after Pope Clement V moved here. The architectural legacy is a joy.

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After many hours driving you finally get to Lyon — and it’s time for some delicious french food! What about a Quenelle in Nantua Sauce or an Assiette de Rosette de Lyon? That’s the French gastronomic Capital — We want to honor that title trying everything.


It’s all about Lyon — We will over stay here for two nights and get restored from the long driving way.

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One entire day and a half is enough to see as much as We want in the city.

Get yourself lost down cobbled streets and across countless bridges in this extremely bike-friendly city. Lyon’s 19th-century centre is a network of busy boulevards, lined with stylish shops and cafés squeezed on to the Presqu’île peninsula between the Rhône and Saône rivers. The medieval Old Town, on the west bank of the Saône, is a cluster of cobbled alleys, full of quirky boutiques and restaurants.


We enjoyed the nightlife in Lyon and layed down in the bed in the morning — lazy travelers We are.

So in the late morning — after a good good breakfast of course — our way goes to Chalon sur Saone, a really cute town in the center of the old France.

And in the afternoon We fill be off to Dijon, where We found a super cool accommodation and where will we stay for visiting also the day after.


Dijon, here We are. OMG — We love France so much. Look at this city!

Architecture is astonishing beautiful — as words can’t describe. It looks like a bigger Versailles!


The city of lovers is waiting for us. We need to go — the way will be more then 3 hours long!

That’s why We decide to stop by Reims, for looking at its speechless Cathedral and countryside.

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Paris mon amour, here I am.

Here our roadtrip ends — We’ll stay in the city of lovers for about 3 days and then come back on the fasts road — no stop till Nice for some fresh air.

Three days in Paris are not so much for visiting — that why We took advantages from the must seen and we decided to skip some actractions.

Here is what We went to:

  • Eiffel Tower — how could we possibly miss it?
  • Mulin Rouge and Sacre Coeure — you steal my heart!
  • Pont des Arts and Notre Dame — so you’re saying that Reims’ Cathedral is your sister!
  • Musée d’Orsay — a culture moment was needed since a long.
  • Grab a drink in Latin Quarter — of course We never skip on drinks or food — and having a look at the Luxembourg Gardens.
  • Place de la Concorde and Tuileries gardens — set down on the chairs with Macarons from Angelina

And, hear hear, the last day will be for Versailles!

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