©Greger Ravik

The Rise & Power of Independent Content Creators

The entertainment industry was created and molded as a disruptive force of nature since the beginning. Changes in distribution, consumption, and creation have always been at the forefront of how the music, film, and any media industries were run. And it’s because of these relentless disruptions that the business surrounding entertainment has become so fragile.

So here we are, 2016, with things just as fragile as ever. The media revolution is just beginning and we’ve already seen shifts in just about every medium ranging from music, film, video games, and art. DIY has become the standard of doing things and what a powerful thing that is. Some of the world’s largest and most successful companies are built around the DIY philosophy; companies like YouTube, Spotify, Vine, Twitch, Etsy, SoundCloud, and Instagram just to name a few. And while often overlooked, the significance of this cannot be emphasized enough!

It’s time we start appreciating this fact and harnessing the full potential we all have as independent content creators. With such easy access to tools and software now, just about anyone with creative skills and a diligent work ethic can become a successful artist. And a successful artist, in my opinion, is someone who can freely express him or herself while reaching the eyes, ears, and hearts of fans from anywhere. As far as music is concerned, there are countless artists that have launched their careers and risen to fame all thanks to sharing and distributing music on SoundCloud. Griz is the perfect example of an artist whose career was catapulted thanks to SoundCloud. He utilized this powerful tool to share his music with fans across the globe and even allowed them to download his material for free, a business model that so many other independent artists are replicating.

YouTube, Vine, and Instagram have tapped into the video world much like SoundCloud did for the music world. Virtually anyone with a phone or recording device was suddenly able to upload content across the entire web. This groundbreaking ability created a new wave of content creators across numerous platforms to rise to fame and establish careers. There are now YouTube stars and Viners that make more money than most TV actors; Jenna Marbles and Tyler Oakley are two of YouTube’s most successful and famous stars.

As an entrepreneur and an independent artist, I believe in maintaining my personal ideals and values without working for a corporate machine. What may have seemed impossible ten years ago is now a very legitimate reality and, from the looks of things, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. I commend those of you working towards a goal you may have while remaining independent and I encourage those who are not yet trying to do so. The modern world of entertainment has evolved and become accessible to everyone and it’s up to you to make your move.