Masculine vs. Feminine

The mainstream belief in today’s society assigns gender roles to masculinity and femininity. Although this is true in many sexual/attraction based relationships, it does not extend into our careers and goals.The reality is that we are no longer cavemen where the macho masculine male needs to hunt for food and protect his tribe from wilder beasts. Where mission and purpose were reserved for the male gender while nurturing and care-taking are reserved for the female gender. In today’s professional world, females can be just as masculine as males. Females can have mission and purpose, they can have drive.A perfect example of this is Hillary Clinton. She is driven to become the first female president of the United States of America. Now that genders are treated equally, gender roles have changed.

Masculinity and femininity, just like yin and yang, are forms of energy. Masculine energy is highlighted by drive, ambition, personal mission, breaking through barriers etc. Feminine energy is about feeling connected, love, goodness, bonding etc. Each one of us exhibits both forms of energy at different levels in reflection to what our lives look like. A CEO of a fortune 500 company will exhibit much more masculine energy throughout their day regardless of what gender they are. Vice versa, a stay at home parent will exhibit much more feminine energy, again, regardless of their gender. Do you catch my drift? Now, the partial truth to the mainstream belief that assigns gender roles to a certain energy is that many men have a masculine core while many women have a feminine core. It is how we are biologically built, how we have evolved over the course of two million years. When it comes down to sexuality/relationships, feminine is attracted to masculine and vice versa, most of the time. Does that mean that in an intimate relationship a woman cannot be more masculine than a man? Not at all. It does however mean that while in pursuit of your goals and dreams there can me multiple masculine energy’s working together, in an intimate relationship that cannot exist. The existence of that would be the equivalent of two bulls butting heads. Polarization is the philosophy here. In an intimate relationship masculine and feminine are naturally polarized to each other. That’s reality, it’s how we are created.