CPH-4 and Modafinil — What are the differences?

Lately we’ve been getting a bunch of questions concerning CPH4. Given that Modafizone.info is in the smart drug business we thought it would be a great idea to discuss this recent development and also detail a little more regarding exactly what CPH4 is, and exactly what it isn’t really.

So in 2014 a film was launched called Lucy starring the wonderful Scarlett Johansson and also the ever before delightful Morgan Freeman. The basic property of the motion picture is that Scarlett’s character Lucy winds up with a medication called CPH4 in her air conditioner. This medicine permits her to make use of 100% of her human brain task, instead of the common 8–10% that a human generally makes use of.

If the plot appears familiar, that’s considering that it is. The movie Unlimited including Bradley Cooper additionally utilized the same basic idea as well as crafted its story around the purely fictitious medication NZT. Many other types of media have exploited this suggestion to make an appealing item of fiction. Lucy is nothing brand-new. Obviously, the concept of becoming an omniscient human being capable of checking out thoughts and also translating radio waves that float via the air is fairly enticing, so normally individuals are wondering if they can get their hands on some CPH4.

How much of our brain do we actually use?

So prior to we go any additionally, let’s get one thing straight: Human beings make use of ONE HUNDRED % of their human brains in different ways. The “10%” figure that is commonly quoted is absolutely nothing more than a myth or urban legend. Our minds are still very mysterious and initially it was believed that we don’t use them totally. The reality however is that numerous parts of our mind are not accessed consciously however rather unconsciously. Mindful task takes place when you consider something. Perhaps you are trying to remember where you put your secrets, or you are crunching some numbers in your head while you are shopping at the supermarket. This conscious activity occurs in different regions of the brain depending on what you are thinking about.


Unconscious activity takes place regularly. Brain scans of people doing simple activities such as walking reveal that many parts of the brain are striving to make sure you keep your balance, look out for possible risks, and sketching your following step. There’s a factor you can overlook at your phone and write a text while you walk, that’s because some parts of your human brain are essentially working on autopilot.

Besides that, it’s been shown that damage to any part of the brain results in a loss of function. If we were only using 10 % of our brains, then trauma to the brain wouldn’t be a serious problem. But each medical situation of brain damage proves that the reality is rather the other.

Can CPH4 improve your brain’s performance?

So the 10% regulation is a full and also total myth. But can a drug like CPH4 improve your brain’s performance? Well first of all, the drug CPH4 doesn’t exist. The blue sweet looking medicine that is received the motion picture Lucy is completely fake, looking even more like a prop from Breaking Bad than something generated in your physical body. The movie offers the explanation that it’s based upon a molecule that helps infants and foetuses disregard the pain caused by growing bones. This does already existing, but it has absolutely no connection to CPH4.

There remains in truth a molecule referred to as CPH4 in medical science. Its complete name is 6-carboxytetrahydropterin synthase. This is an enzyme found in the cells of millions of microorganisms, but largely in microorganisms. Enzymes in cells are used to produce other sorts of molecules that are necessary for the cell to operate. The CPH4 enzyme creates Queuosine. Queuosine is a molecule that essentially helps hold the tRNA of bacteria cells together. It’s nothing more than glue for other molecules to stick to each other. It actually has no impact on intelligence or brain capacity (bacteria don’t have brains after all).

As a result of this movie people have required to offering CPH4 online in an attempt to take advantage of uninformed customers. Do NOT under any type of circumstances consume anything labeled CPH4. The finest case scenario is that you would certainly be taking the actual CPH4 synthase described over, in which instance absolutely nothing positive would happen to your body. The worst case scenario however could be accidentally ingesting something harmful. You don’t know what is being put into these strange packages.

Your brain’s capacity is theoretically unknown, and so you can not simply take a magic medication or supplement and also expect to end up being a lot more smart or obtain instant expertise about a subject like Scarlett’s personality in Lucy. Nonetheless some real nootropics already existing. The real world nootropic medicines enable your mind to utilize its alreadying existing capability much more totally by enhancing connections within the brain as well as heightening the speed with which it transfers information. Modafinil is a proven commodity. It improves concentration, increases awareness, and improves short term memory recall. These things will allow you to perform much better. There isn’t a drug out there that is going to make you “smarter” in the timeless feeling of the word, but you CAN raise your daily effectiveness with proven items such as Modafinil.

So do not lose your money or risk your wellness with a potentially dangerous item being sold as part of a get-rich-quick scheme where you are the sufferer. Rather, make use of 100% of your brain and make a smart decision. Buy something that thousands of other people have tried and loved. There is a reason why people continue to buy Modafinil repeatedly: Because it functions. If you truly want boosting your mental performance, take a look here at our unbeatable prices and see for yourself why so many people stand behind this incredible wonder of contemporary medicine. As CPH4 is not yet offered, why buy provigil online?

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