K-pop Is Neo-Confucian Pornography
Michael Hurt

It was very interesting. This essay gives me ideas on Korean Idol culture.

But i have some questions about your essay. actually 3 question.

  1. In eastern philosophy, Neo-Confucianism refers to ‘sung-li hak’(meaning study on nature and rationality). It originated from china in song dynasty by Zhu Xi. But, in your essay,I think,you don’t use Neo-Confucianism in that meaning. I wonder the explicit meaning of Neo-Confucianism used in your essay. — sometimes Neo-Confucianism refers to 1960~1970s eastern development ideology, so i’m confused.(More technically in eastern philosophy text book Neo-confucianism(in korean 신유학) is limited to Confucianism of Han Yu and Li Ao in Tang Dynasty.)
  2. I think that Saint/Whore dualistic view is not a quite unique notion of confucianism. Is there any more unique aspect about “Girl” in confucianism? I think you emphasize the concept of the “girl” as reproduction organ is the main idea of confucian view but this concept is not unique only in korean or eastern tradition.
  3. This question is just about jargon. I have learned that “Iron Cage” is the main concept of Max Weber. I don’t know about connection “Iron Cage” and Marx(Is it Karl Marx? right?). How can i get some information about Marx’s “Iron cage”. Could you give me some reference?
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