XAI in the jungle of competing frameworks for machine learning


We need more adapters not more standards

DALEX and DALEXtra wrap models and create standardized interfaces. Other libraries for XAI, like: ingredients, auditor etc. may work on top of these uniform wrappers.
The modelStudio package creates an interactive dashboard for model exploration. It’s based on DALEX wrappers thus is independent from model internals and can be used to explore R, scikit-learn, keras or h2o models. Here you can play with a demo.

Smart model wrappers

For R models the explain() function creates a wrapper with uniform interface. You can train your model in any framework and later let DALEX/DALEXtra guess how to transform your model into a standardized wrapper. Here is the full example.
For python models one needs to first serialize the model to a pkl file. Then it will be read by a DALEXtra::explain_scikitlearn() function via the reticulate package. Here you will find more examples for python models.
Partial dependency profiles for four models created in four different frameworks. Common interface to models created in different frameworks helps to cross-compare models. Here is the full example.





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Przemyslaw Biecek

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