The call for papers for the XKDD Workshop (eXplainable Knowledge Discovery in Data Mining) is open until 23 June. XKDD is a satellite event to the ECML PKDD 2021 conference.

We particularly encourage submissions of papers related to explainability, interpretability and fairness. Previous editions have featured very interesting papers from…

Ok, we all work remotely at the moment anyway. But this chair will be waiting for you.

*Modeling lung imaging data using deep neural networks following ResponsibleAI principles. No worries, you don’t need to have prior experience with medical data.

Who we are

ML2DataLab is a research group lead by Przemysław Biecek that brings together research oriented individuals interested in machine learning from the Warsaw University of…

Risk calculator for severe condition after Covid-19

TL;DR: If you want to better understand the relationship between some dependent and target variable, you should build many different models (glm, boosting, rf) and compare their PD profiles (e.g. with DALEX).

The CRS-19 (Covid-19 Risk Score) model

Recently, the MOCOS group (MOdeling COronavirus Spread) developed second version of the…

Przemyslaw Biecek

Interested in innovations in predictive modeling. Posts about eXplainable AI, IML, AutoML, AutoEDA and Evidence-Based Machine Learning. Part of

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