Trace Jacques (Photograph courtesy of ESG Architects)

Trace Jacques, AIA, CID is a Partner at ESG Architects in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Even though Trace is a senior design principal involved in every area of ESG’s expertise, he remains a hands-on leader. Trace is keenly aware of the ways in which new buildings can transform the character and livability of a neighborhood. Always working within budget, Trace creates refined, context-sensitive projects that fulfill client objectives for functionality. …

Nature Concert Hall (Photograph by of Ernests Sveisbergs courtesy of DJA)

Alejandro Giraldo of THW Design

Alejandro Giraldo is an Associate and Senior Designer of THW Design in Atlanta, Georgia, which is noted as one of the nation’s top Senior Living Design firms with more than 900 commissions worldwide. Thinking forward for over 50 years, THW has been delivering expertise as a full service design firm. Alejandro has been deeply involved in the design and execution of multiple senior housing projects across the country including repositioning of large not for profit communities as well as targeted expansions and renovations.

During his previous practice overseas in Colombia, he was recognized with various architectural design awards for his…

Architects: Mamou-Mani ltd.
Engineers: Format Engineers Ltd. (Stephen Melville, James Solly, Will Pearson)
LED Lighting: Street Communication SAS
Build Team: Arthur Mamou-Mani, Maialen Calleja, Philip Olivier, Eira Mooney, Aaron Porterfield, Antony Dobrzensky, Laura Nica, Karina Pitis, Hamish Macpherson, Jon Goodbun, Yannick Yamanga, Matthew Springer, Joshua NG, Lola Chaine, Dror BenHay, Junbing Jiang, Knaan Kirshenbaum, Charlotte Chambers, Michael DiCarlo, Sandy Kwan, Solomon Ebere, Regan Parrish.
Special Thanks: Jeremy Crandell, Katie Hazard, Kimba Jorgensen, Shane “Dream Crusher” Sischo, Dave X , Typhaine Ni Nyoman

“A simple curve, the brush of the artist, the beginning of many dreams, our tangential dreams. This…

Hyeun Jason Lee
Yale University 2015

Architecture can operate in an exploratory vein where material and structure allow for experimental pursuits in form. Use of digital tools and software give access to entirely new languages of form, and make the building of anything nearly possible.

Raegan Porter (Photograph courtesy of FGM Architects)

Raegan Porter is a Registered Interior Designer with a diverse background in recreation, municipal, educational and contract design. She is the Municipal Interior Design Leader for FGM Architects located in Oak Brook, Illinois. Raegan has a unique ability to understand her client’s needs and incorporate them into creative, functional space plans. Through space planning, materials, furniture, lighting and art work, she brings her clients vision to life. Her goal for clients is to create an overall experience for the communities using her spaces. She states, “I often judge a space on how it makes me feel. I want to create…

Matías Imbern (Image courtesy of I+GC [ar])

Matías Imbern obtained his Master in Design and Technology with honors from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University (GSD). His research is focused on the strategic interaction between digital technologies and material systems applied to architecture. He currently serves as Tenure Professor at the National University of Rosario, where he previously obtained his degree in Architecture with gold medal. He is also a Professor Fellow at the School of Architecture and Urban Studies at the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella. having lectured and participated as a visiting professor at several universities and schools. Matías leads his firm I+GC [ar]

Read the latest UNBUILT post and check out Joris’s 3D model on Modelo.


  • Concept/Fabrication: Joris Putteneers
  • Video/Photo: Joris Putteneers
  • Mentor: Corneel Cannaerts


  • Hybrid between the algorithmic process and human intervention
  • Production time: 4 days
  • 32 million polygons
  • 34 GB production data
  • Total render time: 125 hours

We’ve made a list of 5 advanced technologies that can truly help ARCHITECTS save a decent amount of TIME!


Without additional and complicated preparation, simply upload your CAD models to Modelo and tap the VR icon. Immediately you are in VR mode! Put on a Google cardboard and instantly you are inside of your model.

If you set up some comment cards on Modelo, you can immerse yourself on a 3D tour of your design. (check here for “creating 3d comments” tutorial)


Paulo Martins-Barata (Image courtesy of PROMONTORIO)

Paulo Martins-Barata is a Partner of Lisbon-based PROMONTORIO. He was born in Lisbon in 1965, studied architecture under Fernando Távora at Porto School of Architecture (1983) and holds a MArch from the Technical University of Lisbon (1988), an MBA from Edinburgh University (1991) and a PhD from the ETH in Zurich.

In 1990, he co-founded PROMONTORIO as an experimental studio which consistently grew into a practice of fifty architects, planners, landscape architects, interior designers and graphic designers. …


Modelo’s mission is to bring joy and efficiency to the collaboration, showcasing and project management functions of teams in AEC industries.

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