Collaborative 3D Design with Modelo

The most rewarding aspect of 3D design and architecture is the constant state of creating. We thrive off of it. We’re called creatives for a reason. But, as we also know, being a 3D artist ain’t all fun and games.

Although constant creation is rewarding, it’s also pretty damn stressful. Having to manage several iterations of different designs becomes overwhelming, especially when you’re simultaneously receiving feedback from your client, peers, or professors. Folders are taking up your desktop filled with seemingly endless disorganized files, emails flooding in with comments about your work, forgetting which design is the most recent… all this sound familiar?

Insert Modelo: we’re about to solve all your problems.

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Modelo is a home for your designs to grow. It’s a place where you can visualize the development of your work on a single page and efficiently collaborate with your team. Here, you have a private design experience where every change and suggestion is beautifully laid out in front of you.

With each new project you create, you have a unique team. “But they aren’t there physically with me to manipulate specific parts of the design,” you might say. Fear not. Because you’ve uploaded your 3D designs to Modelo, collaborators can directly comment on specific parts of the model so your team knows exactly what to change and where to change it. Plus, it’s all in real time, so everyone is constantly in the loop. Forget messy video conferences and screen shares — those are now things of the past.

Want to get your work out there? No problem. Modelo allows you to easily publish your designs all over the web and provides you with the option to make your design public if you please. Everything you upload is private unless you decide otherwise; your stuff is safe with us.

Seamlessly navigate, organize, and communicate: Modelo is the future of collaborative design.

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