Last weeks airstrike in Syria failed to change Donald Trump’s approval ratings. Let’s look at how ‘limited action’ airstrikes done in a presidents first term with Tomahawk misses have effected Presidential approval ratings.

Bill Clinton

Clinton Approval

On June 27th 1993, Bill Clinton ordered a Tomahawk strike in Iraq in retaliation for a threat to former president Bush’s life. The attack was described as measured and proportional, and designed to ‘send a message’.

Clinton’s approval rating according to Gallop was 15% on 6/21. It shot up 9% to 25% on 6/29, then tapered back to 14% on 8/8. …

If there’s one thing everyone agrees about the President, it’s that Trump is a liar. Sure you’ll still find trolls out there disputing that, saying he was confused about electoral vote counts, or he’s bad at estimating crowd sizes, or that he didn’t hear a word Hillary said about Russian espionage attacks to influence the election. When pressed most supporters will admit the lies, sometimes offering a defense of ‘everyone lies’ or he’s a great negotiator.

Many outlets like the Washington Post document Trumps lies extensively.

Trump repeatedly (18 times as of Mar. 30, 2017) took credit for projects involving Ford, GM, Fiat Chrysler and other companies that were announced or planned long before he took office. …

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