(François here)
Carole Granade-Segers

Lam and I are so sorry Francois. We are burning candles for Carole all weekend, and I’ve been telling Lam stories about her.

One from the early days of ViaFone was after one of our Thursday night drink nights. We were all stumbling along Sutter St. and it was time, or past time for you to go home. You invited us all in for a nightcap, saying you would not get in trouble with your wife if we came in with you. As we occupied the kitchen, Carole came from bed and took out from the fridge a plastic container with various unusual cheeses, and cheerily joined the party, making sure we sampled each delicious cheese. I don’t know if that’s when I first met Carole, I may have seen her at a work function or such, but that is when I first began to love Carole.