This beautiful college campus in Thailand built with 17 Shipping Containers is one of the best examples of sustainable architecture


The International Sustainable Development Studies Institute located in Chiang Mai, Thailand is made with 17 Shipping Containers that were carefully selected & imported from ports of Bankok, Thailand. While sustainability was a major goal via this design, they wanted to compliment it by creating a space that had a natural connection with the environment.

The planning of this Shipping Container Campus starting with these containers printed on a paper

Beautiful Exterior of this campus made with 17 High Cube Shipping Containers carefully places to avoid any harms to the trees on the property

ISDSI Campus is built very carefully keeping in mind the surrounding trees on the property

Its a three floored building with extensive decks around the building as well as a commons area that are used for group gatherings and as a community space.

The building is three stories with a ample of ventilation and light throughout the building

There are six classrooms and one teacher prep room with LED lights

The 6 Classrooms on the ISDSI Campus

Two larger spaces for seminars — a smaller conference room and a larger seminar room

The Seminar Rooms on the ISDSI Campus

The Brockington Library

Peaceful Library & Work Space on the ISDSI Campus

Offices on the Campus

Various offices in the Shipping Container ISDSI Campus

“Rx Cafe: Coffee As Prescribed” — is our cafe featuring shade grown, organic, fair-trade coffee

The Profits from the coffee go to support local livelihoods, village water systems, and other projects.

Cross Fit Gym on the Campus, Bathrooms & Kitchen at the ISDSI campus

Cross Fit Gym, Toilets and a Kitchen at the ISDSI Campus in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Know more about this sustainable institute made with Shipping Containers: ISDSI

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