The Building Blocks of Social Media — How to Build Your Brand

Social Media can be overwhelming for many. There are so many platforms and there will probably be even more in the future. The question is should you use all of them or focus on one? We’ll offer some advice on how to to tackle this.

We suggest that you focus on 4 platforms and keep them updated on a regular basis.

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. Instagram

4. YouTube

Why these 4? Here’s a quick snapshot:

Facebook — post updates, brand announcements, milestones, keep your audience informed.

Twitter — real-time updates and engagement with your followers.

Instagram — visual marketing; showcase your work with photos.

YouTube — Videos.

The Benefits of each:

Facebook — Over a Billion users, Facebook is a great way to build your brand name. Post detailed updates and the latest on-goings with your brand. It could be a new line of merchandise, a new service offered, or a special offer available for a limited time. Facebook is the first stop for many when using their smartphones or tablets. It’s a great source for information about your brand (reviews, location, hours of operation, etc…) and a great way to interact with your fans (customers) and receive feedback. With so many people using Facebook, it’s a no-brainer in building a business page.

Twitter — Build your brand fast is what this platform can do for you. Tweeting regularly will get your name out there and people will start to recognize your brand name. Once you establish your name, you can then start to communicate directly with customers with quick, real-time tweets. In an instance, send out a message and reach your audience. You can also monitor customer feedback as followers will be quick to tweet about their experience with your brand.

Instagram — People love pics. What better way to promote your brand than by using this social media platform. It’s free and millions are using it. There are statistics via that Instagram visual content generates more engagement than Facebook and Twitter. Another reason Instagram is such a power social media tool is that Millennials are using it more than Facebook and Twitter. If your audience is in that 18–34 demographic, start posting pics on Instagram right now!

YouTube — There are a Billion+ users on YouTube and it’s still growing! Posting a video on YouTube will expose your brand to all of these people. The attention you will bring to your brand is astronomical considering the large amount of YouTube users daily. Once your video is exposed to this mass audience, then comes the potential of your video becoming viral. Viewers can like your video, comment on it and even embed (link) your video on other social media platforms. This can start a chain-reaction that will expose your brand to millions and possibly billions of people worldwide.


Now that we’ve given you your building blocks, it’s time to start building! Focus your efforts on these 4 Social Media platforms and watch your brand name grow :)

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