Morning Yoga, Friday Feeling

I woke up tired and unmotivated. This new life is not delivering the instant results I always expect from life.

Maybe that is the first mistake, expecting instant results. Why does everything need to be instant? Where did all my patience go? Where did the world’s patience go?

The second mistake is a certainty. Two beers, pizza and garlic bread aren’t the healthiest of dinners just before going to bed…

So when presented with the choice, I ditched the morning mermaid-like call of the iphone, threw on a hoodie and set up a fifteen minute Yoga training Youtube video on my telly. Streamed via iPhone, of course.

And you know what, Jose?
What, Jose?
It worked.

Be it the stretching, be it the exercise, be it the placebo effect. But it’s 9:24am and I definitely have that Friday Feeling.

So note to self: do more morning yoga.

I shall keep testing…

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