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So my boyfriend and I have been together for a year, but we love each other very much, and we think it is a smart financial decision to move in together. He has 2 kids, his oldest son is 16, and the youngest is 8. He has full custody of the 8-year-old but half of the 16-year-old.

James and I (the 8-year-old) have a pretty good relationship. He always gets excited to see me, and we watch movies or play games a lot when I’m at their house. But Nick (16yo) has never really taken a liking to me. I’ve tried to get somewhat involved with him, but he doesn’t really seem open to that idea. He tends to answer in short sentences and tries to end conversations as quickly as possible. …

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For homeschooling, work at home, when will it end parents:

My dad worked his way through college when that was possible (the 1950s). He studied until he got his Ph.D. He then settled his family with a wife that gave him 7 sons and me, his only daughter. He started to work at the university here fifty years ago.

My dad would also hide up at his office quite a bit (because we were feral :D). After I was born (I’m a twin with another brother a year younger and so on), mom got suspicious that he spent weekends up there. …

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So we’ve lived in our house for 2 years, and our 8 yo daughter has really gotten close with our neighbors across the street and our neighbors two doors down, who are all around the same age.

Our daughter also has a very strong personality. We’ve been working on this forever. There’s some anxiety sprinkled in, which manifests as outbursts when feeling overwhelmed. She is the biggest extrovert I know but also struggles with friendships as she has a hard time adjusting to criticism and change. The neighbor kids across the street also have very strong personalities. The boy has no empathy and says mean things without thinking twice, and the girl has a thing for wanting all the attention on her and likes to embarrass our daughter to make sure she’s the alpha. …

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So my kid is an asshole.

That’s honestly the best way to explain it. My child is 6; my wife and I are a same-sex couple. I don’t know what we are doing wrong with him, but he has become a total asshole. …

A question for the Modern Parent community:

They keep saying only to have Thanksgiving with your own household to keep from spreading COVID. My husband and I both have pre-existing conditions, which put us at a slight risk. How do I handle my college-age sons, one who is living in a dorm with 4 roommates coming home for Thanksgiving?

Even if he gets a rapid test right before he comes home, you won’t know if he just picked up the virus. I’m very nervous about this, but I can’t tell my kids not to come home for Thanksgiving. I don’t know what to do, and it’s not like any experts are addressing this.

Any thoughts on how to handle this?

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My fiancé and I take care of my two younger siblings (15 & 16). It has been rocky, to say the least. Trying to undo all of the psychological trauma they have endured at the hands of our parents has not been an easy feat. Needless to say, today, I feel like it was all done in vain.

My younger sister decided to come home an hour after curfew last night. …

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So, I don’t usually get too upset when my kids tell me how awesome their dad is (my ex) because he’s their dad, and one day they’ll learn that living at your moms playing video games in a dark room all day isn’t a way to live (yes this guy is in his 30's).

However, this morning my 5-year-old boy got a bloody nose on the way to the babysitters (my grandma). …

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Whoa, buddy, it’s been quite a weekend. Lots of excitement with family in town led to our son getting a little more freedom than he should’ve had, and a lot of things that should’ve been done weren’t, while things that he knows should not be done were.

Some examples:

threw away his entire lunch knowing we do not waste food like this, leaving the game room a mess after being reminded multiple times to clean up, “forgetting” all his morning chores leading to the dogs not being fed for 2 days! …

Cartoons these days, amirite? I don’t remember the cartoons I grew up with ever having this much depth and dimensioned characters! Here’s my personal top 10 in no particular order:

Glitch Techs- Netflix
Hilda- Netflix
Bluey- Disney+
Duck Tales(modern)- Disney+
Steven Universe- Hulu
Sarah and Duck- Amazon
She-Ra- Netflix
Powerpuff Girls (modern)- Hulu
Storybots- Netflix Magic School Bus Rides Again -Netflix

Honorable mention- Big Block Singsong (youtube)

Anyone else?

We received this question yesterday, and it got a flood of responses from fellow Modern Parenters. Below is one of the best answers we received. If you’d like to submit a question to Modern Parent, please email us at Rebecca@modernparent.io.

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From Snickers Dad:

2 of my kids aren’t thriving in distance learning either, which is why we will switch to home-schooling in a few weeks. It doesn’t seem like that’s an option for you, though, because you have to work long hours.

It’s tough for kids to care about distance learning. It doesn’t feel like a real school environment. There are distractions everywhere. They aren’t in a building specifically designed to give them structure and keep distractions away from them. No teacher is telling them to stop talking or taking distracting items away until the end of class. Self-discipline goes down the tubes unless you make a specific effort to add structure to their daily routine (I can make this work, at least somewhat, but for others, it may be a lot harder). …

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