Justice Democrats Platform
Cenk Uygur

Before 2018, here in New Jersey we’ve got 2017 to deal with and the Democratic party here is being hijacked by establishment politicians. Cenk we could use your help to shed some light on this issue nationally. NJ and VA voters go to the polls in June of this year, these races are the first major elections since the presidential race.

In NJ, the Dem nomination has already been decided by party insiders before the primary even happens, and they’re pushing an ex-Goldman Sachs establishment guy. Meanwhile a grassroots politician with a true progressive platform is fighting to gain support despite his own party working against him. Sounds like Clinton/Sanders all over again, doesn’t it?

Help us out in NJ and let Democrats know that a major primary vote is being stolen from the people by establishment party bosses. We need a Sanders type of revolution here in Jersey.

And we can have one if we work at it. John Wisniewski worked on the Sanders campaign and he’s exactly the type of non-establishment progressive Democrat we need.

NJ can send a message across the country this year by replacing Chris Christie with a real progressive Democrat and fighting back against establishment politics. Help us do it.

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