What Sony did not tell us About the Playstation VR

Sony is in the best place when it comes to pricing the Playstation VR headset but only time could tell if they could keep a good thing going. Their strategy is the same, wait to see what all the competitors do. The Oculus Rift is $599.99 and the HTC VIVE is $799.99 but the have much higher specs. Even though the specs of Sony’s unit is not ahead of the curve, they are hoping to be better by having the best price and also connecting to a system that has the best price.

Sony’s VR unit would not need a $1500.00-$2000.00 PC to drive the their games, Sony is looking to capture the casual market that Samsung Gear VR couldn’t. The challenge is having supporting software that is addicting the same way Nintendo Wii was but most importantly an approachable hook like the Wiimote controllers. The reason why the Wii was so successful was because Nintendo bundled in Wii Sports into the package, also it was great for families and parties alike. VR is a solo experience locally trying to reach mass market appeal.

Here is some thing Sony never advertised, only one Playstation VR is going to be able to connect to a PS4 because of the lack of system’s resources. The same problem Nintendo had with its latest WiiU system not being able to support more than one tablet controller. We reached out to Sony for clarification if the previous rumor was true and if the Playstation 5 would have enough to run a second headset but they gave us the usual “we do not reply to rumors and speculation”. So we are left with the only way to play multiplayer games would be online through the PSN network.


Our future prediction is that the GEN2 VR headset will need greater resources to support high demands of their games, so Playstation 5 will be in the same predicament as the Playstation 4 only being able to support one unit per system locally.