The story is about how a Blockchain-based platform is empowering small local producers, overcoming e-commerce barriers and enabling them to sell their high-quality products globally.

“L’Imprévue”, the beer I am sipping, is brewed in Provence, South of France, by a small local producer and it transmits all the beauty and energy of its native turf. It is a very small, high-quality local production.

As an unintended consequence of e-commerce, many businesses are losing their end-consumers engagement, with their products and brands becoming a casualty of big platforms algorithms. In rethinking their marketing strategies for taking back control of their visibility, businesses should enter blockchain-based and AI-driven solutions into the equation. Leveraging on such solutions, they can change the game by disrupting the way end customers interact with their brand. ModulTrade’s ecosystem and the MT Market are a prime example of it.

As a famous quote goes, the best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google. This also applies for e-commerce, where products and brands of many businesses are becoming a casualty of big platforms algorithms, now more than ever with growing volumes traded online. …


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