AIM — the new Artificial Intelligence Mall — will go live shortly. Expect a superior e-commerce experience for building your desired lifestyle.

What to expect

  • Quick & easy search by lifestyle
  • Free delivery
  • 360-money-back guarantee — get your money back even if you just don’t like your purchase

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It’s enough to select your lifestyle and AIM will match your unique features with thousands of products, for you or for a gift. Forget long internet searches and save your precious search time for your unique things!

It took us 3 years to build ModulTrade blockchain-based platform where small businesses can open their online shop easily, trade globally and get paid securely. More than 700 smart contracts were executed on the platform with goods delivered to more than 15 countries.

What is next? — “AIM” — ModulTrade ecosystem upgrade with Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

Three years down the line, we are more committed than ever in empowering people with nextgen e-commerce solutions. With an upgraded platform, businesses can easily reach an international scale, while buyer users will benefit from a predictive buying process with the upcoming…

ModulTrade has signed an agreement with Konkrete Distributed Registries for providing decentralized invoice factoring services on the MT Market. By integrating Konkrete’s invoice factoring platform — Factorium — into ModulTrade’s value ecosystem, ModulTrade users will benefit from innovative payment terms. Sellers will be able to grow their businesses faster, while buyers will enjoy easier terms for their purchases.

1. Empowering small businesses

Besides being able to effortlessly sell globally, businesses opening a webshop on the MT Market will have the ability to sell their B2C invoices upfront, thus boosting sales. …

The story is about how a Blockchain-based platform is empowering small local producers, overcoming e-commerce barriers and enabling them to sell their high-quality products globally.

“L’Imprévue”, the beer I am sipping, is brewed in Provence, South of France, by a small local producer and it transmits all the beauty and energy of its native turf. It is a very small, high-quality local production.

It is a special week and we are truly excited to announce the official launch of South Corner shop on MT Market!

In a world of global commerce and homogenisation of the living system, getting real natural, traditional and healthy food is more and more challenging. South Corner value proposition is to provide you and family with organic food and products from small South France country producers and help those ancestral traditions and talents to stay alive.

Browse and try a wide range of carefully selected and exceptional quality, healthy, organic products. Olive oils, honey, wine and much more. Coming directly from local producers from the South of France.

The new ModulTrade website has everything needed for the NextGen e-commerce and payments, ranging from free and easy-to-open webshops and blockchain-based certification of authenticity & provenance to free real-time payments. In this article, we will explore its key features, which also include a payment card backed by crypto accounts — the MT Card — and the possibility to obtain loans linked to the Euro real-time, without cumbersome credit checks.

ModulTrade’s offering now includes:

  1. Free cross-border payments in stable digital currencies
  2. MT Card — Cash out & Pay on the Go with your BTC, ETH, A-EUR
  3. Secure online purchases with escrow…

ModulTrade and Unchained Carrot combine forces to bring an exciting new era of reward-based marketing. By integrating Unchained Carrot’s services into ModulTrade’s value ecosystem, ModulTrade users will be able to benefit from state-of-the-art loyalty marketing solutions. Sellers on MT Market will be able to better engage their customers by rewarding them for their purchases, while buyers will have a wide range of options for what they can use their tokens for.

More information on how crypto tokens can be used in e-commerce 👉is available here.

Reward-based marketing is a proven way for sellers to improve their engagement with customers and…

As a famous quote goes, the best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google. This also applies for e-commerce, where products and brands of many businesses are becoming a casualty of big platforms algorithms, now more than ever with growing volumes traded online. Rather than being merely an SEO problem, this appears to be a problem related to poor marketing & PR of many businesses which, over-relying on some sales channels, are struggling to establish direct interaction with their end consumers.

In rethinking their marketing strategies, businesses should leverage on the innovation brought by the Blockchain…

ModulTrade and Rigoblock will unite efforts to make token management easily accessible for everyone. By integrating Rigoblock’s protocol into ModulTrade’s value ecosystem, third-party developers will be able to easily build dApps for managing tokenized assets within the ecosystem. Such integration will also minimize barriers for entry for asset managers willing to set up and run a digital token pool, making it easier for all users to have their tokenized assets managed and to optimize their return. …

Blockchain-based solutions are lowering the barriers for entry to global trade, enabling small businesses to inexpensively reach an international scale of operation. Now more than ever it’s easier for small businesses to engage new communities and to gain visibility globally.

Intermediaries are being replaced by platforms for managing risks at a lower cost — smart-contract escrow services and blockchain-based certification of goods authenticity are prime examples of it — resulting in much lower fees.

The widespread internet access has significantly changed the way that companies conduct businesses. There have been many waves of technological advancements that decreased the barrier of…


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