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Opening a webshop for your business on the MT Market is the modern equivalent of opening a boutique, but on a global scale and without the initial investment part. Any business can now reach a wider customer pool globally and strengthen its brand positioning, regardless of its size.

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Investing in communities and the human beings within them has often been a winning approach in marketing. ModulTrade has reduced the costs necessary to pursue it, making it affordable for micro and small businesses, as no initial investment is required — It can be done completely for free or with a monthly premium subscription plan on the MT Market.

A business can gain visibility in multiple geographies to new potential customers with a high propensity to spend, experiment with innovation and with high technological skills, simply by opening a webshop on the MT Market, ModulTrade’s blockchain-based marketplace.

A webshop can be set up in a very few clicks, for free or with a monthly premium subscription plan, and it enables a business to:

  • Easily create its own marketing community

The MT Market, has many active users from its own community of supporters and from the communities of many other blockchain projects (>250k people). Their profile is of educated users open to innovation, with a propension for spending in gifts and for purchasing goods. Such features make them the perfect audience to engage for seeking market validation of your innovative products and for improving your brand visibility globally.

Imagine for instance that your business is about to launch a new, innovative product. Opening a webshop on the MT Market is an excellent solution for building a community of enthusiasts and for spreading brand awareness. In addition, it is also a very cost-effective and trusted sales channel, with innovative features to add value to your product

  • By opening a webshop on the MT Market, you can interact with many blockchain communities (cryptocurrency holders, developers, supporters of blockchain projects, etc.), thus acquiring visibility to a global audience and gaining access to new target markets in new countries to sell your products.

In the future, AI conversational commerce solutions will also be available to further help businesses cultivate their marketing community on the MT Market, ultimately boosting sales and brand loyalty

  • AI driven solutions will enable businesses to automatically create all the conversation patterns needed to provide a rich and engaging experience to their audience.

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