You’re one click away from creating your ModulTrade account

It has never been so easy to create an account on ModulTrade’s platform.

Using your Google account login and password, you can now set up your MT account as fast as the speed of light, (nearly!).

Simply, go on ModulTrade and select the “Sign In with Google Account” option. One click, and you’re in!

Now you can happily enjoy all of ModulTrade’s exciting features:

  • MT Market: a digital marketplace where you can buy a range of goods using ETH and MTRc tokens. Latest must-have was the Super Nintendo game console from the 90s!
  • MT Wallet: it enables you to easily buy and exchange BTC, ETH, and MTRc using the MT Exchange
  • MT Academy: fancy some trading training? MT Academy is a new digital educational tool where anyone with any level of goods trading experience has access to several supporting services

So, what are you waiting for? Get your account in one click and start browsing!


MT Team