sure…good people on both sides, right?
Noah Silverstein

“Good people on both sides, right?” Wrong, the only good people are the ones who mostly agree with you. The people who mostly agree with you are noble, upstanding, heroes, victims of hate, underdogs, beautiful, rich in love, lovely, wonderful, diverse, inclusive, soaring spirits, and everyone who mostly disagrees with you is a mass murder, pedophile, serial killer, nazi, kkk, anti-Semitic boogeyman, racist booger eating gummo, prejudiced hick, bigoted inbred, sister humping white supremacist baby eating godless monster who should be punched in the face, imprisoned, have urine mixed with feces dumped on their head, stabbed, beaten and killed.

Nice worldview you got there Noah…. “You’re either with us or you’re a terrorist”, “Everyone like us is we, everyone else is they”, “Us versus them”, “Othering”.

“Good people on both sides, right?”

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