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Jun 18, 2019 · 6 min read

Dear Laura Smith,

I posted a number of articles at medium, debunking many of the historical falsehoods being pushed in your writings about Leo Frank. If you search on my name at the medium website, or click on my name here at medium, it will take you to some very in-depth articles I put together about the Leo Frank case.

Newt Lee (right) the former National Pencil Company nightwatchman being examined by District Attorney Hugh Dorsey (right center, standing). Leo Frank tried to frame the sexual assault and murder of Mary Phagan on Newt Lee, and even submitted a forged time card as evidence (Defendant Exhibit A) to railroad him.

Racist Antigentile Falsehoods: There was no anti-Semitism at Leo Frank’s trial or pervasive anti-Semitism in the South at the time. Leo Frank was not convicted because of anti-Semitism. The evidence of Frank’s guilt was mountainous and by modern standards, he would still be convicted today based on the 1913 facts of the affair.

Hair with dried blood soaked into it was found in the metal room, it was tangled on the handle of a lathing machine. The metal room was where Mary Phagan worked, and where the metal supplies for her job were stored in a close near her work table. The metal room was also the only place on the second floor which had toilets. Jim Conley found Mary Phagan’s cadaver in the metal room, near the men’s toilet, where Leo Frank slew her. The defense tried to account for the hair by saying it must have blown there from a radiator 20 feet away.

Atlanta police and the state’s prosecution team developed the theory based on forensic evidence (blood on the floorboards and hair with blood on it on a lathe crank handle) and James “Jim” Conley’s testimony that Mary Phagan freshly-murdered corpse was laying spread eagle on the floor in the machine department — known colloquially as the metal room to factory employees — this workroom was located at the posterior (back sector) of the second floor and it was where the only toilet stalls existed on that particular floor. The metal room was located opposite of Leo Frank’s office, which was located at the anterior (front) section of the second floor, he occupied a window bedecked room located over the entrance to the factory.

HOAX: Leo Frank was convicted without evidence and because of anti-Semitism.

Leo Frank was convicted because the evidence against him was overwhelming and he made it impossible for the jury to acquit him based on a newfangled “Oh By the Way” remark he gave to the courtroom on August 18, 1913, when he was seated in the wooden witness seat, giving an oral speech to everyone present in that grand room. He made facepalm statements which were ineluctably incriminating.

Leo Frank told police in a deposition that Mary Phagan was alone with him in his office at 12:07 pm on Saturday, April 26, 1913, but Monteen Stover stated at the trial his office was empty between 12:05 p.m. and 12:10 p.m. Leo Frank responded to Monteen Stover’s testimony by placing himself in the metal room toilets to explain this conflict with his alibi. This is the open secret of the trial and the solution to the murder.

Astonishingly, Leo Frank changed his murder alibi on the witness stand to explain why Monteen Stover found his office empty between 12:05 p.m. and 12:10 p.m., and placed himself, literally, at the very scene of the slaying at the exact period of time the rape and asphyxiation-homicide of Phagan took place.

The most sensational criminal trial in Southern history concluded its testimony portion on August 21, 1913, a few days after Leo Frank made self-damaging admissions on the witness stand (August 18, 1913) that some say amounted to a sort of murder trial “confession.”

Quarter past two o’clock pm, on August 18, 1913, Leo Frank reveals the answer to the Mary Phagan murder mystery stating he might have “unconsciously” gone to the men’s room in the metal room to counter Monteen Stover’s testimony that he was not in either his inner or outer office from 12:05 PM to 12:10 PM on April 26, 1913:

Leo Frank looked at the 12 men seated in the rectangular jury box and stated to them directly: Now gentlemen [of the Jury], to the best of my recollection from the time the whistle blew for twelve o’clock [noon on Saturday, April 26, 1913] until after a quarter to one [12:46 p.m.] when I went upstairs [two flights] and spoke to Arthur White and Harry Denham [at the rear of the fourth floor], to the best of my recollection, I did not stir out of the inner office [situated at the front area of the second floor]; but it is possible that in order to answer a call of nature [make poo poo] or to urinate I may have gone to the toilet [in the metal room at the rear of the second floor]. Those are things that a man does unconsciously and cannot tell how many times nor when he does it (Leo Frank Trial Statement, August 18, Brief of Evidence, 1913; Georgia Supreme Court Records, 1913, 1914).

The jury which convicted Leo Frank on August 25, 1913, after the longest trial in Southern history at the time.

March 9, 1914 (Published Jail House Interview): Leo Frank astonishingly re-confirms he might have been in the men’s toilet (only one set of toilets existed on the second floor of the National Pencil Company factory, they are located in the machine department AKA metal room) at the time Monteen Stover said his office had been empty on the murder day (between 12:05 pm to 12:10 pm).

As we already know, this ineluctably incriminating admission was first given by Leo Frank on August 18, 1913, at his trial while he was seated on the witness stand. He once again on March 9, 1914, placed himself at the scene of the crime at the time the sex-murder occurred. You have to read it with your own eyes to believe it. Source: Atlanta Constitution Newspaper, March 9, 1914.

James Jim Conley (1886–1951)

Jim Conley had testified August 4, 1913, to have had found Mary Phagan in the metal room very near the toilets, after Leo Frank confessed to assaulting her there in the metal room just after she refused to have sex with him. Frank made an indecent proposal to Phagan and she refused him, so he struck her so hard in the face he knocked her out when she fell backward onto the lathe, which ripped out a hunk of her hair. She fell to the ground unconscious, he dragged her to the men’s toilet and raped her on the floor, after tearing open her underwear. When he was done, he yanked a 7-foot cord off the wall nearby and made a crude hangman’s noose with it and choked the young child till the life left her eyes.

The Hundred-Year HOAX that keeps on Hoaxing: Anti-Semitism was Rampant in the South. Not a chance.

The American South has one of the highest levels of Jewish assimilation and acceptance by White Christians anywhere in the world. In that part of the modern world, Jews and Gentiles for centuries were marrying each other left and right, having children together, opening businesses together and forming law partnerships. Census data now in the public domain sustains this incontrovertible tendency. As of writing this article, nearly half of all Jewish marriages in the United States are interfaith or interracial.

Anti-Semitism in the South During the Leo Frank Drama?

The Jewish population of greater Atlanta almost tripled between 1910 and 1920, thus disproving the anti-Semitism hoax that anti-Jewish sentiment was rampant at the time. Jews don’t move to places where anti-Semitism is high, they move away from such places.

Lucille Selig (1888–1957), Wife of Leo Frank (1884–1915). According to Steve Oney who interviewed her nephews, Lucille wanted to be cremated and have her ashes distributed in a local park in Atlanta. Lucille’s last will and testament sustains the fact of her desiring cremation, which was an unusual request in the 1950s for a faithful adherent of Judaism. She did not want to be buried next to her husband Leo Frank, in a plot which was reserved for her next to his. That grave plot located to the immediate side of Leo Frank remains empty today, an eternal statement from his wife about the truth concerning who murdered Mary Phagan.

Leo Frank’s wife did not want to be buried next to her husband and stated so in her 1954 notarized will. She requested to be cremated and was buried between the tombstones of her parents.

The angel statue is located in Atlanta, between the tombstones of Emil and Josephine Selig, parents of Lucille Selig. At the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Queens New York, there is an empty grave located at the adjacent left of Leo Frank, it was specifically reserved for Lucille Selig his wife. She refused to be buried next to her husband and chose to be cremated instead, as documented in her last will and testament. This truly speaks volumes.
There is an ugly info war going on being led by Leo Frank’s modern-day defenders on Wikipedia and other propaganda websites, pushing false news and contrived history about the case, which is being debunked by other websites like The American Mercury. Frank’s detractors and defenders are in a sort of ideological battle over the case, with the former publishing the trial information and the latter publishing analysis of the case without using the official legal records in an honest fashion. It has become a dirty information war led by ADL and other groups promoting hoaxes about the legal travails. Wikipedia is being used to push false history about the case. Recently the official legal records of the trial were removed from on some false pretext.
Mary Phagan Kean the great niece of little Mary Phagan has created an information website about the true crime facts, which have been censored and suppressed for more than 106 years since the investigation into the Phagan murder began, April 27, 1913. She has provided position statements from her family.

Web Sites About the Events:

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