The Racial Epithet “White Supremacist” is Code-word for ‘Violence is Justified Against People Who Disagree with the Alt Left.’

Response to the article, “The Free Speech Activist Lie”:

Dear Jared L. Holt, Medium Journalist,

Ambulance chasing Alt-Left activists are trying to prostitute the August 2017 Charlottesville car accident-linked heart attack death of Heather Heyer, as a “White Supremacist Terrorist Attack”; the purpose of course is to advance their own politically correct regressive agendas, and energize their fellow far-left reactionaries. Just like the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case, objectively was used for the same purpose, the Charlottesville car accident incident was absolutely no terrorist act, not even close. It will only be a matter of time when it is ruled to not be a terrorist act.

Obviously, the driver’s intent was not terrorism, but fear for his own mortal safety. The driver of the car, was being pelted with rocks, bottles filled with a urine-feces admixtures, metal objects and other missiles from the moment he came out of the parking garage, his car was also video taped being hit by a bat wielding alt-left street thug before the car accident even occurred. Street thug is not a pejorative, I would call someone a bat wielding alt-right street thug if the description fit. No one, democrat or republican, has any right smashing someones car with a bat because they disagree with the person’s belief system, even in cases of political thought extremism.

If the brake lights are lit, you have to acquit — If the car was hit, you have to acquit.

The car didn’t lie and video footage does not lie, either. James Fields Jr. had no other choice but to speed up given the circumstances, he naturally feared for his life and he did exactly what any normal person (whether you agree with their politics or not) would do under the same life threatening circumstance. Moreover, any person who had or has a healthy will to survive and wants to live without harm upon their person, would have put the “pedal to the metal” no matter what their race, religion, creed, national origin, or sexual orientation, given similar circumstances.

Had all the political demographics of all the participants been reversed, the same outcome would have occurred. Any logical fair minded person, no matter what their politics, who was trying to drive home after a political rally, and a mob of violent protesters began wielding weapons at them, would logically have speed up to save their own life.

Had the roles been alt-left versus alt-right, instead of alt-right versus alt-left, or in any of the other multitude of combinations one could ponder about concerning identiarian or sectarian differences, the same result would have happened. People need to put the emotions aside and look at this whole thing dispassionately.

As the 20-year-old James Fields was driving forward and being pelted from all directions by scattered trouble-makers who were taking direct-action, ahead there was clearly frenetic mobs of violent protesters of every sub-group in the Alt-Left whipped up into a frenzy, some armed with bats and poles — as you can clearly see from the slow-motion video footage— in the after-crash they most violent types began coming out from the congested masses of people in every direction, menacing him, screaming frantically at him, smashing his car windows, pounding his motor vehicle.

What Instigated the Car Accident?

It needs to be stated again, because this one visible fact is the most suppressed by the Alt-Left fake news mainstream media: one violent anti-Gentile activist hit his car from behind with a pole or bat while he was driving forward, creating extreme fear for the driver that he was going to be killed. Fields had a good reason to believe that since all the violence had been instigated by the Alt-Left protesters that day — which is an objective fact, based on all the immense footage captured and released, by people on all sides of the political spectra and based on the same fact occuring at every contentious rally involving people who politically fall to the left-side and right-side — it is invariably the left which is initiating the super vast majority of the physical violence. Video footage doesn’t lie.

Official Court Judge Sanctioned Rally

At the Charlottesville event, The rallygoers had a constitutional right and legal permit in hand, officially restored by a judge after the neo-Marxists Governor of Virginia and neo-Liberal Mayor of Charlottesville unconstitutionally revoked it first, the protesters on the other hand, came for one purpose: to start fights and unleash waves of repressive terror, and violence — there goal is the same as the goal always is for the historical-left, to create pervasive fear in White people, so they won’t organize in their best self-interests. Every group has the right to pursue their own interests no matter what the sectarian break down, no matter whether you disagree with their opinions or not. No amount of make believe will transform free speech into violence. Incitement to violence is not free speech. Ideas you disagree with and call hate speech, isn’t a thing, no matter how badly you want it to be the case.

Alt-Right Did Not Start Fights

The rallygoers were peaceful and only acted in self-defense, when needed, it’s all caught on film. All the Alt Left can do now is spin their web of lies as they continue to lose the culture war at an agonizingly slow rate. It is for all these reasons why the terms fake news and false history are so predominant today, these terms are relevant to the discourse about the terminally ill ideologies of postmodernism and their anti-fa shock troops. Alt left violence is losing the struggle to win the hearts and minds of people.

No Choice But Survival or The Morality of Survival.

In the garage where James Fields car was parked, a black thug with a metal pipe tried to attack peaceful White rallygoers and this is exactly why people have to wear helmets and bring shields to these kinds of political events, because violent leftists making preemptive attacks is the norm in today’s political climate. The police did nothing to stop the alt-left thugs, in fact they kettled the alt-right folks into the alt-left swarm knowing their would only be one outcome. Violence. The alt-left attacked and the alt-right defended themselves. Had the roles been reversed it still would have been illegal, and the fake news oriented media would have played up the incidence ad nauseum.

After the Car Crash, What Happened?

It’s indisputable, caught on video, once the car accident occurred, people with bats and poles came at his car smashing it wildly, screaming bloody murder, creating an atmosphere of mayham and abject fear. This was absolutely before anyone knew a morbidly obese woman, Heather Heyer, had tragically died of a heart attack.

As the car went into reverse the people with bats and sticks ran after the car with emboldened intentions, one low intelligence attacker ran directly into the car from behind as it was backing up, she almost got a Darwin award from being mashed up against an oversized truck which was parked on the side of the road.

The Left is Losing the Culture War

The left knows it lost the argument, so it only resorts to pusillanimous violence now and the cowardly leftists who stay home and pen fake news articles about “hate speech” and “white supremacists” and “promoting genocide against POC”, like Tim Wise and members of Jewish activist organizations, from the SPLC, ADL and too many others to name, continue their dehumanizing war of scarewords (“White supremacist”, “racist”, “Nazi”, “Fascist”, “Bigot” etc…) as the ideological leaders of the Alt-Left conglomeration. These words are losing their power to put people on the defense, alas, now they inspire direct action against those who use them. 2016, was in a sense, a referendum that such words no longer have the guilting and shaming power they once possessed.

Strike Fear Against Leftist Opposition

If anyone were actually terrorists it was the Alt Left protesters, they came with one intention that day and that was to make White people afraid to organize themselves and they intentionally caused what happened to occur in the unfortunate car accident, they were the ones dumping urine mixed with human feces on rallygoers and cops, from the very beginning. This tactic is nothing new either, they’ve being doing at many other rallies. YouTube is filled with videos of democrat affiliated people attacking people they oppose, mainly Trump supporters, try to find the opposite and they hardly exist by comparison. Sometimes even innocents get attacked in such left wing violence oriented incidents.

Terrorism: Using Violence to Sow Fear.

It can not be denied, the alt-leftist thugs were the ones instigating violence from the very start and they have admitted during interviews with CNN there is a purpose behind it, to make people afraid — this is the definition of terrorism, pointblank.

On the subject of “White Supremacists”:

“White Supremacist(s)” is the pejorative scare-term which anti-Gentile, anti-White racists (Yes, even White people can be anti-White racists too) and other Alt-Left ideologues use to dehumanize White activists of right-leaning political affiliation and even non White republicans, who are sick and tired of being relentlessly browbeaten, attacked, defamed, mocked, derided, slandered, deracinated and dehumanized in the neo-liberal dominated academy by Post-Modernist pseudo-scholars, and also in the left-dominated mainstream media by fake-news journalists.

ADL and SPLC no longer Monopolize Database Collection

The ADL and SPLC opened up a pandora’s box with their generations of spying on Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Australians and others.

The war against White people has reached the most extreme proportions today. In response to ADL and SPLC massive spying efforts, White activists are now building master genetic databases of alt-left ideologues whether they are professors, journalists, essay writers, politicians or street thugs. This database is being formed with retinal eye-scans, photos, addresses, social security numbers, GPS coordinates, DNA samples and the like.

And since both sides are doing the same (ADL instigated this information war escalation), I fear the outcome of what a 21st century high tech civil war is going to lead to. Moreover, I wish groups like ADL and SPLC weren’t trying to end dialogue and free speech, because I know what the outcome is going to be like in the end, and it ain’t pretty. The last thing we want is a civil war, it will set back civilization for generations. Thank you (sarcasm) ADL for starting this information data collection arms race.

The Long March Cliff Bound

The long march of neo-Marxists through these institutions of power (media-press and academia) have brought us to the point where Alt-Left ideologues are now openly calling for and inciting civil-war. I think they forgot who has all the guns and bullets. The lionshare of cops and people in the military vote Republican. The super vast majority of gun owners are republicans.

People who use the term “White Supremacist” are dog-whistling to their allies which side they are on and letting their political opposition know there is only one outcome for them, since the alt-left refuses civil discourse. When you use the term, “White Supremacist” you are saying violence and murder is justified against the person labelled as such and we are seeing it being played out at every rally as the urine-feces bioterror attacks splash down and as “punch a nazi” unfolds in volleys of fists on the streets of America.

“White Supremacist” is a code word for wage terror and violence against the “labelee”. It’s the equivolent of calling someone a witch at the Salem kangaroo-court trials or saying someone is a heretic during the inquisition.

On the Internet, at ivory towers of the post-modernist dominated academy and within talking head MSM cirles, “White Supremacist” is a major weapon of the Alt-Left censorship front. The pejorative is a lowbrow emotionally laden term that has a lot of fear-mongering invested into it, so that it can be used for shutting down dialogue, debate and discussion about issues concerning White people. White identity isn’t going away, and having dehumanizing monologue sessions about it isn’t the way forward. Calm dialogue about White identity is the only way which is going forward, no matter how many scare-words are used to stifle its discussion and no matter how much violence is used to try for attempting to suppress it.

The Alt-Left’s Politically Correct Hoax: “Hate Speech” and “Hate”

Poorly defined nebulous terms like “hate speech”, and “hate” are being used as part of the political correctness movement meant to socially ostracize free-thinkers who are considering such un-orthodox ideas as not wanting historical symbols and statues of American history erased. Moreover terms like “White Supremacist” are meant to scare-shame-guilt the people who are proposing politically incorrect ideas into silence. “White Supremacist” is meant to say to White people you disagree with, that fighting for the preservation of your heritage, is beyond the pale.

White Supremacist Racial Epithet

“White Supremacist” is similar to the n-word (n****r), when someone wants to suggest a Black person is ignorant, backward and savage, the n-word is used as a racial epithet. “White Supremacist(s)” serves the same purpose as the N-word, to suggest the White person or people being labelled with the pejorative are ignorant, backward and savage, even worse the word implies the person or people derided with this anti-White epithet actually wants to dominate and be supreme over other people, even though only a minuscule percentage of Whites were ever slave owners, when the institution of slavery ended in 1865–6.

Most of the so-called “White Supremacists” don’t want slavery re-instituted and they don’t want to dominate black people, most of the time they want to live separate from black people, which is the opposite of being supreme over and enslaving them. Growing up in NYC, the most diverse place on earth, people naturally formed ethnic neighborhoods and no one ever complained about it.

Specifically “White Supremacist(s)” is a viciously malevolent hate-mongering word used for multiple political intentions and social purposes, here are some of the more common general uses:

  1. In the propounder of the word (the deliverer): It is used to create a sense of superior self-righteous power, framing the user(s) of the word as being in the moral high-ground and is thus hierarchically self-serving, because it doesn’t promote productive dialogue and understanding, it is meant to say in whatever “us versus them” scenario-context, “we are right and you are wrong” or “we are angels, and you are devils” or “we are good and you are bad”. Thus utilizing the scare-word “White Supremacist” is suggesting there is no room for dialogue, discussion, or debate, only one-sided tribal extremist echo chambers, polarized crystalization and monologues by those who use the shaming word. Therefore the conclusion of the scareword “White Supremacist” is that censorship must be instituted to protect people from ideas outside the manufactured consensus and monolithic paradigm. In this same strange postmodernist train of thought, diversity means “people of tan-brown-black skin color who think alike”, obviously not very diverse except viscerally. Diversity doesn’t tolerate people of all colors who don’t think a certain way, especially if your skin has different degrees of melanin.
  2. On for the receiving end of the word (the “deliveree”) “White Supremacist” is meant to create fear, shame, guilt and intimidation by belittling and boogeymaning those it is used against with little recourse, thus “We just decided you’re a white supremacist, without even having a conversation with you, therefore you are the epitome of evil”. It is meant to conflate the receiver with evil incarnate, conflating them with WW2 atrocity propaganda. The goal of the term “White Supremacist” is to prevent White activists or White identarians from organizing themselves. Thus the implicit goal of the term is to scare racially conscious Whites from organizing themselves to defend their heritage, rights and destiny. The follow up to “White Supremacist” is the term “White Privilege” and the the phrase the “White race doesn’t exist” at the same time is used with the purpose of trying to confuse people and make them schizophrenic. The Alt Left’s ideology is based on conflicting ideas that amount to pathological lies. The post-modernists and regressives can’t even get their lies straight.

Words Are Violence

Basically when anyone is labelled “White Supremacist” essentially that person’s very existence is labelled violence in the making, and only violence can squelch violence is the follow-up. Thus the term is used to make the receiver out to be a kind of moral terrorist-pedophile, someone beyond reproach, as a pre-text to launch pre-emptive violence against the dehumanized “White Supremacist” who then often gets punched, kicked, beaten down with poles and bats, stabbed, shot, and finally the icing on the cake is the special diarrhea hot sauce, getting warm urine mixed with human feces dumped on their “white supremacist” faces. This isn’t just terrorism against the victim, it’s bioterrorism. Fortunately stand your ground laws are growing in a number of U.S. states making a daily market correction possible.

White Supremacist Mythology

Ultimately “White Supremacy” is a racist and anti-Gentile myth, Whites are not supreme, of all the major racial groupings, Whites have the lowest birthrate in the world and are set to be a minority in every country where they were formerly once the majority in the next generation or two.

Whites score lower than East-Asians on IQ tests. Whites are in decline and under represented in major professional sports like football, basketball, baseball, and too many other professional athletic endevours to name that were once formerly all White generations ago.

Whites are not supreme, only a minuscule, almost non-existent percentage of Whites, want to bring back African slavery, or want to rule over black people as masters. White separatists, White identarians, White Civil Rights Activists do not want to bring back slavery, they want to live in their own homogeneous communities free of such possibilities.

Fighting Words

“White Supremacist” is a vicious racial epithet and people who use it are trying to stifle communication, thus they should be ostracized, marginalized and treated the same way as people who use the N-word. We need more speech, not words that are used to chill speech. Freedom of speech is something worth fighting for and Alt-Leftists are using sophistry and code words to try and shut it down.

Many obvious anonymous trolls pretending to advocate genocide are just that, trolls, but the people advocating White dispossession are not trolls, they actually admit they want it and they’re not afraid to show their faces and give out their names. The Alt Left sees unlimited immigration and no borders as a way to end White hegemony and destabilize the country, making it more ripe for a communist take over at the balot-box (POC generally vote for bigger government and politicians who promote the transfer of wealth from the productive to the less productive) and they are very clear about their intentions. White separatism does not require genocide, people naturally form homogeneous communities based, on race, ethnicity, identity, religion and language, you see it all over the world, even in the most racially diverse cities like New York City, Miami, LA and every where else people tend to consolidate by race. It is totally natural that people tend to congregate with people that are like them, it’s a normal part of 3 billion years of evolution. Evolution shows that all life is constantly branching out and forming new species, races, and sub groups. People organizing around identity has three billion years of evolution to support it as the nature of life.

These so called “White Supremacists” are not advocating for genocide, they are advocating for the opposite, the right to live and be left alone. White Civil Rights activists are fighting to be free of the relentless defamation and calls for genocide against them and they should always have the right to denounce or speak out against the Alt Leftists who are constantly promoting their dispossession. Antifa, Communists and Socialist revolutionaries are very clear about their goals, to replace the U.S. constitution with one of ultra authoritarianism and ultimately arrested development. Everyone who studied history knows how communist authoritarianism always turns out: mass murder, repression, crimes against humanity, genocide and archipelagos of prison camps. Denouncing Communism, doesn’t make one a Nazi either. A tiny handful of Nazi shills and trolls, doesn’t mean the White Civil Rights movement is all about National Socialism. In fact it actually helps White Civil Rights activists to have a handful of fake or real Nazi Trolls and fake or real Nazi Larpers at their events, because it causes their events to go pandemic viral. If White Civil Rights activists didn’t have a gaggle of pretend Nazis at their events millions of people would never hear their voice. Wave a Nazi Flag, and Go Viral. So yes, Trolling works, but NO, 99% of White activists are not Nazis at all, quite the contrary, they love freedom, they love liberty, they love libertarian capitalism. Thus you don’t get to hypocritically do what you’re always complaining about that some other do, which is smear an entire movement by the actions of a tiny minority. If you’re tone deaf to trolling, it just means your mentally deficient.

21st Century Warfare

It’s a shame that people who use this vicious racial epithet “White Supremacist” are now being put into databases and getting doxxed more and more these days, because I’m against people being put into political databases for wrong-think and being doxxed, but people who are trying to have the first amendment revoked should be denounced by those who love the last place of true free speech in the world.

“The open discussion of ideas must be defended” — what free speech is all about, but I am against all political violence and the Alt Left ideologues must be punished when they incite violence with lengthy prison sentences. The facts are on the ground now, they are calling for “punch a nazi” and using terms like “White Supremacist” to put targets on peoples’ faces for violence.

U.S. Government Must Shut Down ADL and SPLC For Violating Free Speech

I believe dialogue, debate, and understanding is what is called for in this very tense political climate and we should only ostracize people who are trying to shut down communication, because they are basically instigating a civil war.

When people decide they will no longer talk, the only thing that happens next is the torrent of bullets. I don’t want a civil war, it will set this country back 50 years, and that’s not progress, that’s regression. We already have too much regression in this country being inspired by regressives. Alt Left activists trying to stifle freedom of speech by hiding behind Hitler and “Hate Speech” is the behavior of intellectually bankrupt ideologues who lost the argument and thus they have no other recourse but to claim the first amendment doesn’t protect speech they disagree with. Truly, they are spineless cowards to the very core of their beings. They are a threat to the Bill of Rights.

The first amendment doesn't have a heckler veto provision, nor does the first amendment protect people from being violent against others or shutting down their speech behind Alt left pretexts of “hate speech” and “inciting genocide”. Many alt-leftists think that violence against people they disagree with is protected by the first amendment, it absolutely is not. Many of the self-serving Alt-Leftists who want to shut down freedom of speech of so-called “White Supremacists” use the ruse that they are advocating genocide, but this is patently a lie.

At none of these so called Alt Right rallys did the leadership and management ever once advocate at their free speech events the mass extermination of people. The Alt Leftists are pathological liars to the very core of their being, and that’s an objective statement.

Thanks to Primarily Jewish Activist Groups

In Europe they have made it now illegal for anyone to protest against the dispossession of White people and dispossession of European culture. It’s now a “hate speech” crime to mention that the migrant crisis is causing a rape epidemic in Europe and that’s really what hate speech laws in Europe are about, preventing people from stopping the ethnic cleansing of White people and the destruction of European culture.